We Thought Pro-Hormones Were Gone Forever!
Guess What, They’re Not…..
Find Out How You Can Get Your Hands On The Very Best Pro-Hormone Ever Designed and Start Stripping Fat and Building Dense Lean Muscle Fast!
1. Are you tired of training for hours on end with little change in the mirror?
2. Does it seem as if your body is “non-responsive” to diets and training?
3. Do you seem to put body fat on at an alarming rate?
4. Are you looking for that little “Special Something” to get you back to where you want to be fast?
5. Are you frustrated with what you see staring back at you each morning?
If you answered YES to any of these questions then you should be getting
very excited!
I know.. why would you be excited when your physique is no longer getting the
looks and the respect it used to?
Well, let me tell you about my friend.. Let’s call him Chris for short… 
Chris  had been training for years and just couldn’t get his body to change..
In fact, he had tried countless programs and training methods and still couldn’t put it all together.. Don’t get me wrong.. he wasn’t completely out of shape but he  wasn’t where he knew he could be either.
When I met Chris I asked him about his diet, training and supplementation.. We
went over everything in detail, and after getting his training and diet on track we
dove into supplementation.
Chris hadn’t really taken any supplements before and I knew that the right
compounds at the right dose could have a drastic effect on his physique.. That’s
when I told him about something NEW that we were working on in the lab.
If you’ve followed me or Pureline over the years then you know we have been a
leader in advanced Pro-Hormone supplementation, giving our clients some of the
strongest compounds legally available including; Tren, Epistane, Halodrol,

Superdrol and the like..

But, like most all supplementation that works… These Compounds were Banned and guys all over the world were left back where they started, at ground zero!

Then something happened.. A group of scientists were able to isolate several
Andro-Molecules, that through a very secretive and highly guarded process, were
able to be converted into actual Pro-Hormones.
Because they were converted from a legal form of Andro they were not
considered Pro Hormones.. But..once ingested they do covert to derivatives of
Testosterone just as strong as the some of the Old School ProHormones on the
I told Chris we were working on something really unique and I told him that I’d
like for him to try it… He agreed and we were off to the races.. Chris started our
new Testojet Prototype, which we referred to as “The New Testojet BDS
I was excited to see how his body would respond to the product as I knew that
the delivery system of the new Testojet was much stronger than our previous
version and that if taken correctly could easily increase dry and dense muscle by 10 – 15lbs..
What happened next was completely unexpected.. I’ve seen some amazing
results from Pro’s, SARMs and some of the other unique products we’ve carried
over the last several years but let me tell you.. What I saw after a few weeks on
the *New Testojet* literally blew my mind..
When I saw Chris after about 4 weeks on Testojet I freaked out! I noticed his
arms were covered in veins and his muscles looked fuller and tighter than ever..
The look he had was kind of “Super Hero-ish..”
It wasn’t that BIG NASTY BULKY look most guys get when they complete a cycle of Pro-Hormones..

No.. this was more of a thick, dense and vascular look that gave the

physique a look of granite.
I decided to let him continue down the course for a total of 8 weeks and then we
would evaluate from there..
I’ll never forget the day.. He walked into the gym took his hoodie off and started training in a Tank Top.. All eyes were on him as each fiber of his muscle fired and his skin looked transparent.. I absolutely couldn’t believe how much hehad changed in just 8 weeks. The *New Testojet* had delivered and It was more powerful than anything I had ever seen..
But don’t take my word for it.. Take a Second to Judge for Yourself!
Pretty powerful stuff huh? Again, I was blown away by what this new Pro-
Hormone Blend did in such a short period of time. So.. that brings me back to
Where are you as we start 2017? Are you 10, 15 or even 45lbs overweight?
  • Are you feeling a bit sloppy after the holidays and looking a little softer than you’d like?
  • Are you looking for that “Anabolic Edge” to push your body into overdrive and help you start building muscle and shredding fat fast?
  • Maybe you’re in decent shape but as you’ve become a bit older your T levels have declined leaving you soft, tired and with very low energy?
It doesn’t matter whether your 25, 30, 40 or 50 years old, our new Testojet BDS
(Bi-Layer Delivery System) can help you lose fat and build lean muscle
faster and quicker than ever!
Testojet BDS has not just 1, 2, or 3 ….but an astounding 6 Different
Testosterone Pre-Cursors in its formula with a healthy dose of Epi-Andro as
What Does This Mean For You
1. Thick Hard Vascular Muscle
2. Lean and Hard Abdominals
3. Increased Strength and Size
4. Zero Water Retention or Estrogen Conversion
Now let me get one thing CLEAR!
This is not for the guy who is 18-20 years old who can eat literally anything
and not worry about putting on fat and who literally looks at a dumbbell
and grows. This is not for you!!
This is also not for the guy who takes Testosterone in super high doses and isn’t
concerned about his health. Again.. this product is not for you..
This is also not for the guy who takes Testosterone in super high doses and isn’t
concerned about his health. Again.. this product is not for you..
But, this is for that guy who understands how Testosterone (in the right form
and in the right dose) can help assist them in building a leaner, harder and
more respectable physique in 1/2 the time it would take them without it!
Testojet BDS is different than everything currently available because it is an
actual Pro-Hormone compound derived from legal Andro molecules which have
been altered by a patented pharmaceutical process to deliver Testosterone at a
rate which will cause muscle growth and fat loss.
Because of it’s unique delivery system, Testojet BDS has very little if any Liver
Toxicity and will not cause side effects such as water retention, gyno or any other estrogenic side effects sometimes associated with older versions of Pro-
We will be Releasing Testojet BDS on January 16th…
That gives you 2 weeks to start your diet and your training and get in the best
shape possible so that when you start it your results will be that much better!
Now..This is an extremely hard compound to design and manufacture so we do
have extremely limited quantities available..

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understands how a good Pro or Sarm can benefit you and help push you to
new levels with your Physique is going to appreciate the all New Testojet
BDS Formula..
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We would be happy to assist you in customizing your own unique Pro Hormone
cycle and help you get your body back in 2017.
Happy New Year and Best Regards
Aaron I. Garza
Founder Pureline Nutrition Co.