Could It Really be This Easy to Drop 50-60% More Fat andWeight From Your Body without Changing a Thing About Your Diet and Training?
“The Answer is Yes, and If You Want to Find Out How You Can Drop an Additional 3-4lbs of Fat This Week Without Changing a Thing Then Read This Email”

Let me ask you a question;

1. Are you struggling with losing 5, 10 or even 25lbs?
2. Does it seem like “Getting Older” has caught up with you and that you metabolism is completely shot?
3. Are you taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back… Working out and eating right for 2 days.. and then going off your plan for another 2 days?
4. Are you frustrated and just completely fed up with the way you look and feel?
You are not alone.. In fact.. most people, including myself, hit the dreaded Weight/Fat Loss Plateau at some point in their life..
l experienced it going into my 40’s.. It seemed like I could train and do cardio with the same intensity I did in my 20’s but my body looked completely different?

I stored body-fat in places I never previously had.. and no matter how clean I ate, it seemed my body just didn’t change! I almost gave up and told myself..
“This is Just How it’s Supposed to be When You’re in
Your 30’s and 40’s!”
But then, something happened.. A friend of mine named John, who is a research scientist at a local university, asked me if I had read the “New Research on Diiodo-L-Thyronine or T2 for Short?”
I said I was familiar with the compound and how it was proven to stimulate calorie burning and thermogenesis through improved thyroid output, but hadn’t heard much about it for awhile and that is was rarely used in supplements because of its crazy high cost.
He told me that he had been using it with some pretty staggering results and that new studies had shown that it could

SAFELY increase fat loss in most individuals by 55%
diet or exercise!

Now 55% is a pretty significant number.. Just think about that.. If you’re already losing 2lbs of fat per week you could increase that to about 3.1lbs by just adding Diido-L-Thyronine.

In one month that’s 15lbs of fat! Pretty Staggering huh??
I reached out to my “Connections” in the nutrition industry and was able to obtain enough Diiodo-L-Thyronine for a 30 day supply.. Now to make it more interesting I had it combined with a few other “Interesting Compounds” that would help do a few things I felt my body was struggling with.

-6 Paradol I added this to increase fat mobilization of “Brown Fat”.. Brown fat, in case you were wondering, is the fat located around the hips, thighs and abdomen which has very little circulation. 6 Paradol helps trigger the movement of this fat through the blood stream to be used as an energy source.

-Alpha Yohimbine – Going back to the “Brown Fat” that I discussed above.. this type of dense fat also has a certain “Alpha Receptor” located on it’s surface which literally protects it from being used as energy.. It’s a preservation mechanism.. Alpha Yohimbe “blocks” the receptor thereby allowing the fat to be moved into the energy stream of the body so that it can be used.

-Achyranthes Aspera – I added this to act as an appetite suppressant. It seems that as I’ve become older I’ve also struggled with sugar and sweet cravings. This ingredient works on the “Vagus Nerve” which gives your brain the perception of “Hunger Vs. Fullness.” By “tricking” the brain into feeling fuller you’re able to stick to your clean eating program much more effectively!
I also threw in a healthy dose of Olive Extract and lastly the Diiodo-L-Thyronine..

I started the “TEST” on December 1st and planned for the fat loss cycle to go from December 1 – December 31st.. I figured that if any time would be good to test a fat loss product it would be during the “Heaviest Eating Time of the year!”
I also stacked this new formula, which I called THYROTROPIN. with XP2G AfterShock.. my most basic thermogenic fat burning formula.


After the first 5 days not much happened, sure I was getting a ton of energy from the XP2G and I was sweating a bit more during my cardio sessions but that’s about it.. I almost gave up on the “Test..” but then something happened.. After about 10 days I woke up and looked at myself in the mirror..

“C’mon’ now!..I’m sure I’m not the only one who wakes up every morning, looks in the mirror, and magically expects to see a shredded body lol..”

Something was definitely happening!! I noticed that I was significantly leaner..

My body was changing. I know when I’m losing fat because there are certain parts of my body that go first. (I usually get lean through my upper body faster than I do my abdomen)

On this particular morning my upper body was extremely lean and I could tell my abdominal region was starting to lean out..
Now.. you have to remember this was December 10-11.. I mean we are getting right smack dab in the middle of “Eating Time!” And here I am getting leaner??
I continued the cycle of Thyrotropin and XP through December 31st and I have to say, I was blown away!

After 30 continuous days my pants were falling off.. (I had to punch a new hole in my belt) and I was just leaner everywhere! I had not changed one single thing about my diet or training..

In fact the only real difference is that I probably had not eaten as much because of the appetite suppressant effect of the Thyrotropin.. other than that everything stayed exactly the same!

I had my body-fat measured after one month and I had lost 5% body-fat and gained 5lbs of lean muscle.. ALL DURING DECEMBER!!!

I can’t tell you how blown away I was with this new fat burning combination.. In fact I was so impressed that I immediately made arrangements to bring this into our product line and started sharing it with my closest friends.
Thyrotropin has the exact same ingredients in the exact doses I used for my “Test” and it is extremely safe and stimulant free..
(For Those Who May be Sensitive to Caffeine or other Stimulants)

Now for those of you who really want to crank up the weight loss I highly recommend taking Thyrotropin with XP2G AfterShock or what I refer to as:

“The Ultimate Fat Burning Stack”

This stack is GUARANTEED

to be the most effective fat loss combination we have ever sold.. By combining the fat loss effects of Thyrotropin with the Proven Thermogenic Effects of XP2G After Shock your body will become a literal “Fat Melting Machine!”
WARNING: Let me warn you right now.. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT FOR those of you who just need to lose 3-5 “Vanity Pounds!” This is for those of you who are interested in serious fat loss.
This is for People who are looking to lose 10, 20 and even 30lbs in the fastest and safest way possible!
These are some of the things you can expect from the Ultimate Fat Burning Stack:

– 55% More Fat Loss Than Without It
– Drastically Reduced Appetite
– Crazy Fat Loss around The Hips, Thighs and Ab Region

– Increased Energy and Feelings of Wellness

How do You Take It:

The Ultimate Fat Burning Stack is Extremely Easy to Use
XP2G AfterShock- 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule 6-7 hours later

Thyrotropin – 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule 6-7 hours later

– You can and should take both formulas together at the same times each day.

You will not find this combination of ingredients anywhere else, ever.. I have literally customized this formula making sure each and every ingredient was exactly what I needed in my personal quest to stay lean and help my friends and clients fight the battle of the bulge!
Now, traditionally the reason some of these ingredients were not used was because as I mentioned before.. the cost was too high..

In fact the raw materials used in this product could easily be sold for 90-100.00 a bottle.
But… I knew that wasn’t fair and I knew that the product really worked! Instead, I wanted people to experience the effects because if they did then they would tell their friends and continue to purchase it!
So..because of this I’ve decided to sell Thyrotropin at… Are You Ready?

ONLY – $45.00
Or…..Better Yet.. Get the Exact stack I used in my test run for only 40.00 more or a total cost of 85.00!
$85.00 – Buy Now

Look, you can continue going forward with your workouts and your diet losing weight the slow and tedious way, but why???

Why wouldn’t you put science to work for you and help assist your body in shedding fat fast! This is an extremely safe and effective combination of products that will help you get your weight under control fast!
The Ultimate Fat Burning Stack is Available Now for Immediate Purchase at or at any Pureline Nutrition Store Near You!
Visit Pureline Nutrition in the following South Texas Cities:

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Visit our website:
for locations and phone numbers. Or call us at 1-800-632-1402 or 210-494-2210 for more information on how The Ultimate Fat Burning Stack can work for you!

Thanks for your continued support and send us an email and let us know how well this stack worked for you!


Aaron I. Garza

We Thought Pro-Hormones Were Gone Forever!
Guess What, They’re Not…..
Find Out How You Can Get Your Hands On The Very Best Pro-Hormone Ever Designed and Start Stripping Fat and Building Dense Lean Muscle Fast!
1. Are you tired of training for hours on end with little change in the mirror?
2. Does it seem as if your body is “non-responsive” to diets and training?
3. Do you seem to put body fat on at an alarming rate?
4. Are you looking for that little “Special Something” to get you back to where you want to be fast?
5. Are you frustrated with what you see staring back at you each morning?
If you answered YES to any of these questions then you should be getting
very excited!
I know.. why would you be excited when your physique is no longer getting the
looks and the respect it used to?
Well, let me tell you about my friend.. Let’s call him Chris for short… 
Chris  had been training for years and just couldn’t get his body to change..
In fact, he had tried countless programs and training methods and still couldn’t put it all together.. Don’t get me wrong.. he wasn’t completely out of shape but he  wasn’t where he knew he could be either.
When I met Chris I asked him about his diet, training and supplementation.. We
went over everything in detail, and after getting his training and diet on track we
dove into supplementation.
Chris hadn’t really taken any supplements before and I knew that the right
compounds at the right dose could have a drastic effect on his physique.. That’s
when I told him about something NEW that we were working on in the lab.
If you’ve followed me or Pureline over the years then you know we have been a
leader in advanced Pro-Hormone supplementation, giving our clients some of the
strongest compounds legally available including; Tren, Epistane, Halodrol,

Superdrol and the like..

But, like most all supplementation that works… These Compounds were Banned and guys all over the world were left back where they started, at ground zero!

Then something happened.. A group of scientists were able to isolate several
Andro-Molecules, that through a very secretive and highly guarded process, were
able to be converted into actual Pro-Hormones.
Because they were converted from a legal form of Andro they were not
considered Pro Hormones.. But..once ingested they do covert to derivatives of
Testosterone just as strong as the some of the Old School ProHormones on the
I told Chris we were working on something really unique and I told him that I’d
like for him to try it… He agreed and we were off to the races.. Chris started our
new Testojet Prototype, which we referred to as “The New Testojet BDS
I was excited to see how his body would respond to the product as I knew that
the delivery system of the new Testojet was much stronger than our previous
version and that if taken correctly could easily increase dry and dense muscle by 10 – 15lbs..
What happened next was completely unexpected.. I’ve seen some amazing
results from Pro’s, SARMs and some of the other unique products we’ve carried
over the last several years but let me tell you.. What I saw after a few weeks on
the *New Testojet* literally blew my mind..
When I saw Chris after about 4 weeks on Testojet I freaked out! I noticed his
arms were covered in veins and his muscles looked fuller and tighter than ever..
The look he had was kind of “Super Hero-ish..”
It wasn’t that BIG NASTY BULKY look most guys get when they complete a cycle of Pro-Hormones..

No.. this was more of a thick, dense and vascular look that gave the

physique a look of granite.
I decided to let him continue down the course for a total of 8 weeks and then we
would evaluate from there..
I’ll never forget the day.. He walked into the gym took his hoodie off and started training in a Tank Top.. All eyes were on him as each fiber of his muscle fired and his skin looked transparent.. I absolutely couldn’t believe how much hehad changed in just 8 weeks. The *New Testojet* had delivered and It was more powerful than anything I had ever seen..
But don’t take my word for it.. Take a Second to Judge for Yourself!
Pretty powerful stuff huh? Again, I was blown away by what this new Pro-
Hormone Blend did in such a short period of time. So.. that brings me back to
Where are you as we start 2017? Are you 10, 15 or even 45lbs overweight?
  • Are you feeling a bit sloppy after the holidays and looking a little softer than you’d like?
  • Are you looking for that “Anabolic Edge” to push your body into overdrive and help you start building muscle and shredding fat fast?
  • Maybe you’re in decent shape but as you’ve become a bit older your T levels have declined leaving you soft, tired and with very low energy?
It doesn’t matter whether your 25, 30, 40 or 50 years old, our new Testojet BDS
(Bi-Layer Delivery System) can help you lose fat and build lean muscle
faster and quicker than ever!
Testojet BDS has not just 1, 2, or 3 ….but an astounding 6 Different
Testosterone Pre-Cursors in its formula with a healthy dose of Epi-Andro as
What Does This Mean For You
1. Thick Hard Vascular Muscle
2. Lean and Hard Abdominals
3. Increased Strength and Size
4. Zero Water Retention or Estrogen Conversion
Now let me get one thing CLEAR!
This is not for the guy who is 18-20 years old who can eat literally anything
and not worry about putting on fat and who literally looks at a dumbbell
and grows. This is not for you!!
This is also not for the guy who takes Testosterone in super high doses and isn’t
concerned about his health. Again.. this product is not for you..
This is also not for the guy who takes Testosterone in super high doses and isn’t
concerned about his health. Again.. this product is not for you..
But, this is for that guy who understands how Testosterone (in the right form
and in the right dose) can help assist them in building a leaner, harder and
more respectable physique in 1/2 the time it would take them without it!
Testojet BDS is different than everything currently available because it is an
actual Pro-Hormone compound derived from legal Andro molecules which have
been altered by a patented pharmaceutical process to deliver Testosterone at a
rate which will cause muscle growth and fat loss.
Because of it’s unique delivery system, Testojet BDS has very little if any Liver
Toxicity and will not cause side effects such as water retention, gyno or any other estrogenic side effects sometimes associated with older versions of Pro-
We will be Releasing Testojet BDS on January 16th…
That gives you 2 weeks to start your diet and your training and get in the best
shape possible so that when you start it your results will be that much better!
Now..This is an extremely hard compound to design and manufacture so we do
have extremely limited quantities available..

Do yourself a favor and PRE-ORDER NOW by clicking on this link:

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Guys.. this was a long time coming.. Every single one of you who
understands how a good Pro or Sarm can benefit you and help push you to
new levels with your Physique is going to appreciate the all New Testojet
BDS Formula..
Feel free to call us with any questions at 1-800-632-1402 or
email us at
We would be happy to assist you in customizing your own unique Pro Hormone
cycle and help you get your body back in 2017.
Happy New Year and Best Regards
Aaron I. Garza
Founder Pureline Nutrition Co.

There’s nothing that earns more respect that a set of really thick, vascular and full arms on a guy or nice toned arms on a woman. I constantly get questions about the best workout to develop full biceps and really thick and hard triceps on guys.
Just behind that, I get questions from women who want a little more firmness but also want to burn that nasty fat that tends to gather on the bottom of the arm.. What’s the secret? How do you get arms that drop jaws? Well this little workout is designed for both males and females and will do the trick in no time flat!.. First.. Draw, and EnJect 5ml’s of EnJect Liquid Suspension into your

1. Pick 3 Exercises for Biceps and 3 Exercises for Triceps

– For Biceps we will pick Standing Bicep Curls, Seated Dumbbell Curls and Standing Cable Curls.
– For Triceps we will pick Standing Tricep Press w/ Rope, Overhead Rope Extensions and Seated Dip Machine Press with Tricep Focus

2. You will start with your first exercise for Biceps and do 10-12 reps with moderate weight. Then rest for 45 seconds and do another set. You will do three sets in this fashion. Take 2 seconds to contract the muscle and 4 seconds to extend/lengthen the muscle.

3. After finishing one exercise for Biceps go to the first tricep exercise you have chosen and do three sets in the same exact fashion.

4. Once you finish the 3 sets for triceps go to your 2nd Bicep movement and do your three sets there. Once finished move back to your 3rd Bicep movement for three sets and then on to your 3rd Tricep movement for 3 sets.
This is a “Blood Volume Workout” which will increase the amount of blood in the entire arm through the duration of the workout. By doing arms in this manner you will increase the amount of nutrients and the amount of amino acids delivered to the muscle.
In females this will create firmness and a better look. In men it will cause growth. Don’t forget it’s always best to sip on BCAA LINXs During your workout for best results. Find online at or at

If you’re one of those guys or girls who is looking for a little bit of an edge in putting on muscle then this Tip is for you.. Long ago I heard that if you wanted to enjoy working out and lifting weights well into your 50’s and 60’s then it was very important to take

care of your joints. I wish I would have listed to that advice lol.. I’ve learned through trial and error and have been the recipient of multiple muscle tears, stains, tendonitis, bursitis and even shoulder surgery.

But! Every injury has taught me how to adjust my training so that I can still stimulate muscle and cause growth without the stress of lifting heavy weights. Here are a few of my favorite tricks to help create tremendous muscle growth while keeping joints healthy.

These methods don’t require that you use heavy weight.. In fact they work best with light to moderate weight.

1. Squeezing The Bar – For all chest movements that are forms of pressing such as incline press, bench press and decline press try pushing your hands together as you press the bar up. Act as if you’re trying to squeeze the bar in while you are lifting the weight. This automatically increase the tension on the muscle and will create a deep penetrating burn with moderate weight.

2. Slow Ascents and Descents – When using machines try lowering the weight to a count of 4 seconds and pressing the weight for a count of 3 seconds.. Go very slow and controlled for the first 5 repetitions and then go to a regular count of 1 second down and 1 second up for the last 5 repetitions. This will fry whichever muscle group you are working!

3. Bicep and Tricep Grip – For all Bicep and Tricep movements focus on squeezing the grip or handle of the barbell, dumbell or cable grip very tightly as you are working the muscle.. The added tension of gripping the weight hard will increase muscle recruitment and cause more trauma and stimulate growth.

4. Non Lock Out Movements – On all your pressing movements for chest, shoulders and legs try to not lock out at the joint. Push the weight up just shy of locking out and then let back down in a controlled manner. This will keep constant tension on the muscle and again create added stimulation and of course growth. Remember for best workouts always use EnJect pre workout and a good peri and post

workout formula as well.. All available at or

Angles of Force Training

All of us are looking for those secret keys to unlock more muscle growth and stimulate a response from those slow to respond muscle groups. In the old days we were told that the only way to make a muscle grow or get bigger was through adding more weight!

Although this is true, “Progressive Overload” will cause muscle to grow, it’s not the only way to make muscle grow.

In fact as you get older you realize that sometimes continually increasing weight will have limitations from joint, ligaments and tendons. If the only option to increasing muscle size and strength was increasing the amount of weight you lifted then you would

ultimately end up with an injury. That’s where training techniques such as “Angles of Force” come into play.

Angles of Force are ways that you can increase the tension of a particular muscle by increasing the force that the muscle has to resist without adding weight. Let me give you an example for a few different muscle groups.

1. Chest – During any pressing movement focus on pushing your hands together on the bar throughout the entire range of motion of your repetitions. You will have to use less weight and slow down the reps but the contraction and tension you get from this is unreal!

2. Legs – When Leg Pressing or Squatting focus on pushing the feet out against the platform or floor. Go slowly and lighten your weight on this as well as you wont need as much weight to increase the tension and load.

3. Arms – When doing Bicep Curls follow the same idea you would on a chest movement except instead of pushing the hands together instead focus on pushing them out through the entire range of motion of the rep. This will increase tension dramatically and as a result stimulate growth.

4. Shoulders – On all pressing moments focus on pushing your hands outwards on the bar while pressing.. This will engage the muscle in a different fashion and again increase tension on the muscle.

These are just a few ways you can use “Angles of Force” to increase tension on a muscle group without having to add more weight and sacrifice your joints, ligaments and tendons. This is great to utilize after you have been going heavy for several weeks and need a little time off from heavy lifting but still want to keep growing. Enjoy and don’t forget to take 5ml’s of EnJect before your workout for best results.