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was founded by Aaron I. Garza, a nationally recognized bodybuilder who has been involved in the sports nutrition, fitness and general wellness industry for the greater part of 15 years. Aaron and his wife Marina competed in bodybuilding and fitness for 10 years and both hold several titles including top finishes on the National Stage.

Having retired in 2004, Aaron turned his attention and focus on developing a nutritional line that was second to none in the industry. Through his years of competitive experience he realized that most main-stream supplements were heavy in binders, fillers and other unnecessary ingredients which diminished the true effectiveness and quality of a “Pure 100% Pharmaceutical Grade” product. With this in mind Aaron set out to formulate a truly effective line of nutritional supplementation that would help people achieve their goals quickly.

Realizing that creating a 100% pure and pharmaceutical grade product line would be costly he quickly realized that selling the product directly to the consumer would be the most efficient way to get this type of product into the hands of the people who needed it most. Hence, the first Pureline Nutrition Store was born, and it was an immediate success not only because of the effectiveness of the product line but also the unique style in which Pureline engaged it’s clients. However, Aaron soon realized that Pureline couldn’t be the “typical” nutrition store. It had to be different, it had to coach, motivate and walk people through their path to weight loss, muscle gain and improved health. Pureline brought in unique body analysis technology along with in depth cost-free consulting which helped people achieve their unique body transformation goals fast!