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4 Phase Inferno Fat Loss System

Fatloss & Toning


4 Phase Inferno Fat Loss System


The 4 Phase Inferno Fat Loss System was specifically designed for the person who looks in the mirror each day and says, “I want to completely change my body!” This system combines years of research and development into 4 extremely powerful products that work to strip fat, tighten and completely alter the look of your body.

If your goal is to turn heads, make your ex jealous, or finally get into those clothes you “used” to wear then look no further. It’s about to happen.

This stack starts with our newest XP2G product, XP2G “Inferno.”

Our XP2G lineup has been melting fat for over 10 years and our newest sibling in this lineup is no different. Designed to take your fat/weight loss to an entirely new level, XP Inferno, goes to work immediately to increase metabolic rate and help your body burn more calories than ever before. Energy, Fat Loss and Metabolic support all start with XP2G “Inferno.”

Next we bring in a staple in our fat loss combinations (T3, Thyrotropin). T3 is a thyroid support supplement that helps ensure the Thyroid Gland is healthy and functioning at a level that supports consistent and rapid fat loss.

Adding T3 usually takes people across that “Plateau” that most people experience when they start a diet or exercise program. T3 makes it possible to “Jump Start” fat loss and help you see results quickly.

CLA has also been added to this stack for its ability to burn fat and help your body burn more calories at rest. It’s ability to burn fat (especially in the stomach region) has been noted by scientist and fitness models for years. It is a tried and true fat loss aid.

Lastly, to help improve your physique, we’ve added Primovar. This unique compound, which was used by the former Soviet Union for its body-altering effects, is completely natural and will help the users body look leaner, tighter and more toned.

If you’re lifting weights and want a sexy, lean and hard physique then Primovar fits the bill nicely. It’s ability to help you utilize protein for building lean muscle tissue will help create a tight and fit look.

This stack will completely Re-Design your body when used in conjunction with a well-rounded nutrition and workout program. If you’re ready for a drastic change and are prepared to do the work, then let “The 4 Phase Inferno Fat Loss System” make it worth your efforts.

Extreme Fat Torching System

Increases Fat Loss by 65%


Extreme Fat Torching System


The Extreme Fat Torching System was designed for men and women who need to lose a moderate to significant amount of fat (weight) and do so rather quickly. This stack is also perfect for those of you who want to use fat loss supplements but don’t know where to begin!

We start with the newest XP2G Formula, (XP2G “Inferno,”) this formula was specifically designed to help increase thermogenesis and create an environment that will help radically reduce body-fat. XP Inferno creates a clean, mood lifting effect which will motivate you to workout, train and eat right.

XP2G “Inferno” also helps you maintain clean eating habits by suppressing cravings for carbohydrates and sugars. Most everyone who uses it agrees that fat just seems to fall off after only a few short weeks.

T3-Thyrotropin has also been added to this stack to help promote thyroid health and function. The thyroid gland is responsible for a host of metabolic functions within your body and if not functioning well, can lead to weight gain and loss of energy. T3 goes to work to help accelerate your metabolism and improve your weight-loss efforts. T3 is stimulant free so it makes for a great pair with XP “Inferno” which does have moderate stimulation.


XP2G “Inferno” paired with T3 is our most comprehensive fat loss combination to date, and the addition of T3 will increase fat loss efforts by at least 65%. Use this stack for at least 8 weeks for the best results in fat loss.


Fat Loss Inferno

Round The Clock Fat Loss Accelerator


Fat Loss Inferno


The XP2G “Fat Loss Inferno” was designed to help melt fat and burn calories fast. This is the “GO TO” stack when speed is of the essence and you don’t have time to be patient. Need to lose weight for a wedding, birthday or other event?? This is the stack for you!

Using a 3-Pronged Approach to Fat Loss, the Fat Loss Inferno Stack works to help stimulate caloric burn and help the body burn more calories while at rest. The unique ingredients in XP INFERNO create a metabolic furnace which torches fat fast! Adding T3 to this stack helps improve thyroid health while promoting a faster metabolism. This leads to fast and effective weight loss.

XP2G PM has also been added to help improve nighttime metabolic efficiency and allow fat to be burned while you’re at rest.

Together, this trio, is without a doubt one of the strongest fat burning combinations available. Use all 3 products for maximum effectiveness! This is often the stack that we recommend for those who have 10, 15 or 20lbs of fat that they need to “Dissolve” fast!

Tired of lugging around extra weight, need energy, ready for your workout efforts to really pay off? The Fat Loss Inferno will get the job done fast!

The Makeover “Extreme Inferno Edition”

Burn Stubborn Body-Fat


The Makeover “Extreme Inferno Edition”


The Makeover “Extreme Inferno Edition” is exactly that… A complete “Make Over” for your body. This complete system addresses every area of fat loss and is designed to help you drop fat, burn calories and look the best you ever have.

We start with XP2G “Inferno,” which helps drastically accelerate metabolism, burn fat and increase energy so your able to power through workouts and burn up to 65% more fat than you would without it. This clean crisp fat loss supplement will help push your weight-loss efforts to the next level.

CLA has also been added to help assist the XP2G “Inferno” by specifically targeting abdominal and thigh fat. CLA has long been touted for its ability to help increase energy expenditure and cause the body to burn more calories while at rest. This results in faster weight-loss and specific “Targeting” which helps strips fat off hard to lose areas… quickly!

XP2G PM has been added for its unique ability to stimulate fat loss during your nighttime sleep hours. By helping improve hormone balance and stimulating those hormones which are responsible for metabolism, XP2G PM plays an important role in overall body re-shaping. XP2G PM also helps improve sleep quality which also contributes to improved fat loss and weight reduction.

Finally, Garcinia Cambogia and Raspberry Ketones have also been added for their ability to help assist in appetite reduction, (especially reducing the cravings for sugars and carbohydrates) and promoting fat cell reduction. Both of these compounds work as overall “Fat Fighting Supporters” in “The Makeover System.”

Together these 5 Super Fat Loss Compounds create a unique environment which is ideal for helping you burn fat and create a leaner sexier body. Welcome to “The Makeover… Extreme Inferno Edition!”



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