4 Phase Inferno Fat Loss System

Fatloss & Toning


  • Increases Fat Loss While Improving Muscle Tone
  • Targets Adipose in Thigh and Stomach Region
  • Improves Food Utilization (Use Calories for Muscle, Not Fat)
  • Helps Improve Energy and Enhances Workouts
  • Fast, Safe and Effective for Long Periods of Time

Product description

The 4 Phase Inferno Fat Loss System was specifically designed for the person who looks in the mirror each day and says, “I want to completely change my body!” This system combines years of research and development into 4 extremely powerful products that work to strip fat, tighten and completely alter the look of your body.

If your goal is to turn heads, make your ex jealous, or finally get into those clothes you “used” to wear then look no further. It’s about to happen.

This stack starts with our newest XP2G product, XP2G “Inferno.”

Our XP2G lineup has been melting fat for over 10 years and our newest sibling in this lineup is no different. Designed to take your fat/weight loss to an entirely new level, XP Inferno, goes to work immediately to increase metabolic rate and help your body burn more calories than ever before. Energy, Fat Loss and Metabolic support all start with XP2G “Inferno.”

Next we bring in a staple in our fat loss combinations (T3, Thyrotropin). T3 is a thyroid support supplement that helps ensure the Thyroid Gland is healthy and functioning at a level that supports consistent and rapid fat loss.

Adding T3 usually takes people across that “Plateau” that most people experience when they start a diet or exercise program. T3 makes it possible to “Jump Start” fat loss and help you see results quickly.

CLA has also been added to this stack for its ability to burn fat and help your body burn more calories at rest. It’s ability to burn fat (especially in the stomach region) has been noted by scientist and fitness models for years. It is a tried and true fat loss aid.

Lastly, to help improve your physique, we’ve added Primovar. This unique compound, which was used by the former Soviet Union for its body-altering effects, is completely natural and will help the users body look leaner, tighter and more toned.

If you’re lifting weights and want a sexy, lean and hard physique then Primovar fits the bill nicely. It’s ability to help you utilize protein for building lean muscle tissue will help create a tight and fit look.

This stack will completely Re-Design your body when used in conjunction with a well-rounded nutrition and workout program. If you’re ready for a drastic change and are prepared to do the work, then let “The 4 Phase Inferno Fat Loss System” make it worth your efforts.

How to Use

XP2G Inferno – 1 Capsule upon waking, 1 Capsule mid-afternoon.

T3 Thyrotropin – 1 Capsule upon waking, 1 Capsule mid-afternoon.

CLA – 2 softgels in the morning, and 2 softgels with your evening meal

Primovar – 1 Capsule in the morning, 1 Capsule mid-afternoon.


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