•  Fat Loss Acceleration, Toning and Muscle Hardness
  •  Stubborn Fat Mobilization, Increased Metabolic Rate
  •  Energy, Appetite Suppression and Thyroid Health
  •  Recovery, Strength and Body Re-composition (Fat Loss with Muscle Gain)

Ultra-Body, The ReDesign System

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This stack is referred to as Ultra-Body, The ReDesign System. It is designed to do several things; burn fat, accelerate
metabolic rate and target abdominal, hip, thigh and all other stubborn fat that just seems to “Stick” to the body. We start with XP AfterShock which is our core fat loss product. This product alone surpasses appetite, increases energy and amplifies fat loss way beyond what most people think possible. In fact it’s not uncommon for people to lose 2-4lbs of body-fat per week when using XP!

We’ve also added T3 to this stack because as some might realize the metabolic rate seems to slow down and get sluggish during times of hard dieting and training. This is primarily because the Thyroid gland starts to work at a slower rate. T3 works to enhance the gland and re-ignite fat loss. Those who use a combination of T3 and XP AfterShock will definitely notice an acceleration in fat loss and weight and fat that seemed to stubborn to lose will come off rapidly. This is especially true for the areas which have become “Stubborn” or unresponsive to your efforts.

Lastly we have added our newest and most exciting Body Recomposition Product to this stack, PrimoVar. This unique formula will go to work to help accelerate the absorption of protein, carbs and fats.. That means more of the foods you are eating will be channeled towards lean muscle gains and recovery vs. being stored as fat. Primo-Var has a unique way of hardening up muscle and creating a lean, toned and athletic appearance. Males will notice hardness, vascularity and firmness while females will notice a general toning effect from Primo-Var.

Together this tri-fecta works hand in hand to deliver the ultimate in Body Recomposition Results. For best results it is recommended that one use this cycle for at least 8 weeks. For extreme results use for 12 weeks followed by 4 weeks off. All of the ingredients in each product are natural and should not cause any secondary effects. Drink Plenty of water when using and make sure and follow a clean eating program and workout regularly for best results.

Suggested Use:

Primo-Var – 1 Capsule 2x per day

XP AfterShock – 1 Capsule morning and as tolerance increases 1 capsule afternoon (max 2 caps daily.)

T3 – 1 Capsule Morning and 1 Capsule Afternoon