– Produces Extreme and Fast Weight/Fat Loss Effects
– Increases Fat Mobilization by 30%.
– Enhances Energy and Mood
– Accelerates Metabolism and Helps Transport Stored Fat to Be Used as Energy

Adipose Elimination System

From: $90.00


How It Works:

XP2G Black is our newest “Foundational Fat Loss Support Product.” It is a unique and extremely effective fat loss compound that will increase fat loss by transporting fat cells to muscular tissue to be burned as energy. If you’re workout out regularly and wish to increase the amount of fat your burning by up to 30% then this is the product for you. Along with its ability to mobilize fat it also will provide clean and “Jitter Free” energy with focus and mood support.

T3 Thyrotropin works by increasing the health of the Thyroid Gland and promoting a more efficient metabolism. When combined with XP2G Black this is an extremely potent fat loss “Super Stack” that will push fat loss to the 3/4lb per week point. This stack will turn your body  into a fat and calorie burning machine and you will notice increased perspiration, and overall body – heat. This is simply the body’s way of burning fat and helping you in achieving a leaner, tighter and more toned body/physique.

This system was designed for any man or woman who “Has Tried Everything,” and are still not seeing the results they deserve. This system will help you break through plateaus and sticking points and start burning that hard to reach fat around the hips, abdominals and thighs. Try using this system for at least 8 weeks for best results.

How Do You Take It
XP2G Black – Take 1 Capsule in the morning and 1 Capsule in the afternoon (take before 5pm or 7-8 hours before attempting to sleep)
T3 Thyrotropin – Take 1 Capsule in the morning and 1 Capsule in the afternoon
(Both doses can be taken together at the same time in the morning and afternoon.)