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Product description

Do you have trouble getting going in the morning?
Do you find that you absolutely NEED Caffeine to get moving?
Are you gaining weight faster than before?
Are you constantly getting sick?

How about brain fog, lack of interest in sex or pain in the upper back or neck?

If you’ve answered YES to any 2-3 of those questions then you could possibly be suffering from Adrenal Fatigue!

If you are a frequent user of Pre-Workouts, Caffeine, Sugars, Alcohol, Fat Burners or even pharmaceutical stimulants such as Adderall then your Adrenal Glands are being worked… and worked HARD!

The adrenal glands sit over the kidneys, where they play a significant role in secreting more than 50 hormones necessary for life! As the primary manufacturer of “ADRENALINE,” your Adrenal Glands are the “DRIVERS” of all energy!

When overworked or stressed, a common condition known as Adrenal Fatigue can set in. This condition can result in all kinds of unwanted side effects including:
• Tiredness
• Fatigue
• Fat Storage
• Depression
• Dry Skin
• Hormone Imbalances

The causes of Adrenal fatigue are numerous including stress, stimulants and even excessive exercise..

In fact, if you’ve found that you no longer respond to Energy Drinks, and Pre
Workout Powders then you’ve probably damaged or stressed the adrenal glands by
pushing the limits of your glands and depleting the body of essential neurotransmitters.

But don’t worry.. Pureline has you covered with Adrenal XS.. Our multi-faceted adrenal health and repair formula that will not only improve the health and function of the Adrenal Glands but will also supply the Adrenals with essential nutrients utilized by the Adrenal Glands in the regulation of stress and energy.

Simply take 1 capsule of Adrenal XS in the morning and another capsule in the afternoon.. (preferably with meals) and your body will naturally start normalizing Adrenal Function and help increase the health of these powerful endocrine glands.

Adrenal XS is fortified with Adrenal Extract from bovine sources as well as a very high concentration of herbal sources that have proven extremely beneficial in Adrenal Health and Wellness.

Adrenal XS is also a great compliment to Pre-Workout supplements and other stimulants that require intense activation of the Adrenal Glands. Use during and after these supplement phases for greater support.

How to Use

Recommended Use: Take 1 capsule 2x per day with meals.

Stack With: Use Adrenal XS with any stimulant based product like Fat Burners, Energy Drinks
and Pre-Workouts to increase their effectiveness and maintain optimal adrenal health.


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