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markComplete Cycle Detoxification
markKidney Cleanse
markLiver Cleanse
markCholesterol Re-Balance


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The Anabolic Detox Kit was designed for anyone coming “OFF-CYCLE” from a “Performance Enhancing Cycle.” This could include, but is not limited to SARMS,Pro-Hormones, Anabolics or other “Chemical Gear” that could affect vital systems including the Kidneys, Liver, Cholesterol Values, Cardiovascular System and Prostate..

Starting with LiverShield, we have created a formula that not only protects your liver against the rigors of “Super Supplementation” but also helps restore liver health. The liver can be highly stressed during the filtration process as it’s main role is to release “Bile Salts” which help to detoxify the organ.  Prolonged use of Anabolics, Sarms or even Prohormones can inhibit the production of Bile which in turn creates issues with cleansing and eventually leads to “Toxic Buildup.”.. Livershield protects against this by using ALA, NAC and Milk Thistle to promote overall liver function.

Pure Cleanse ANF is a combination formula of Aloe Vera, Nopal and Flax which promotes the health of the blood stream, cardio vascular system, kidneys and liver. The properties of the Aloe Vera Plant and the Nopal Plant have been infused with Flax Oil to completely cleanse and regenerate these major systems.

K-Shield was added for it’s ability to promote Kidney Health. One of the detrimental parts of any ProHormone or Anabolic Cycle is “High Blood Pressure,” which directly correlates with Anabolic Use, Sarm use or Prohormone Use.. When blood pressure rises, as it normally does with these types of cycles, it can cause damage to the kidneys filtering units.. Nephrons.. This can cause Scar Tissue on the Kidneys and lead to long-term health effects. K-Shield was designed to help promote Kidney Health and Function Long Term.. It can also be taken during a cycle to help prevent future issues.

Pure Essentials have been added to this stack to help with Cholesterol Values postm cycles. Anabolics, ProHormones and Sarms have all been shown to decrease HDL levels “good cholesterol” and sometimes increase LDL levels or “bad cholesterol.” With a decreased HDL level there is a higher likelihood of Cardiovascular Disease and Damage. Studies have shown that high dose Essential Fats can help restore and mitigate the damage caused through the use of certain performance enhancing chemicals. Pure Essentials have been added to this program to help insure that Cholesterol Values are back in range and complete Cardiovascular Health is restored Post Cycle.

Suggested Use for Anabolic Detox Protocol
Livershield – 1 capsule morning and night
Pure Cleanse ANF – 2 Capfulls Per Day for 30 Days
KShield – 1 capsule morning and night
Pure Essentials – 2 Softgels 3x per day with meals.

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