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mark Branched chain amino acids are the building blocks of protein, providing the body with the vital nutrients for recovery and repair

mark This is a unique 8:1:1 blend of Leucine to IsoLeucine and Valine, providing the user with an abundance of the most important amino acid for muscle growth

mark BCAA Linx is fortified with a vitamin and mineral blend for added immune support

mark L-citrulline and Glutamine are also added for optimal performance and delivery

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BCAA LINXs is our peptide linked branched chain amino acid product. Branched Chain Amino’s are invaluable when it comes to tissue repair, recovery and overall recuperation. BCAA LINXs offer a simple and quick way to get Amino Acids in during times of physical stress.

Those who will benefit from BCAA LINXs use are all men and women who are training regularly or those who may not get enough protein in their diets. Branched Chain Amino’s are the building blocks of protein and as such help sustain lean muscle and promote strength and recovery.
It has also been proven that people who consume a BCAA’s regularly have less visceral belly fat and more lean muscle mass. Overall BCAA’s such as those found in our LINXs formula play an important role in energy production, longevity, reduced muscle soreness and even reduced recovery time from injury.
Pureline’s BCAA LINXs have been saturated with a VitaBlend formula for additional nutrient support as well as Glutamine, a staple in recovery and support.
BCAA LINXs are a “MUST HAVE” supplement and should be part of everyone’s program whether young/old, athlete or non-athlete. They are simply a base supplement and provide a level of protection and support that no other supplement can.
Suggested Use:
Men – 1 Scoop mixed with 8oz of water both during and after training.
Women – 1 Scoop mixed with 8oz of water immediately after training and or any other time during the day.


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