BetaGem CodeRed

Our Strongest Pre-workout Formula (Not for Everyone)


  • Extreme Energy
  • Powerful Stimulation
  • Ultra Concentrated (Fast Acting)
  • Zero Crash

Product description

This is it.. Betagem “CODE RED” is our 3rd Generation Betagem Pre-Training formula. It has the same tried and true effectiveness of the first two formulas, but it has been Completely “REVAMPED” with hard core stimulants to deliver the most intense and long-lasting workout intensity possible.

Betagem “Code Red” Does it All:

– Extreme Stimulation
– Laser Beam Focus
– Increased Endurance
– Blood Flow and Pump Enhancement

This is designed for those folks who simply don’t respond to anything.. If you aren’t feeling your pre-workout any more.. then Betagem CODE RED was built for you! If you just can’t get excited and motivated to train.. Then Betagem “CODE RED” is For you! If you’re tired, exhausted and don’t have the mind-set to get to the gym.. then Betagem “CODE RED” was made for you!

Get ready for intense energy, strength, drive and stamina.. You’re about to experience Betagem “COD RED!”

How to Use

Betagem “CODE RED” hits hard and it hits fast. It will immediately go to work to crank up adrenaline and help you “LIGHT UP” like never before. It’s potency is felt within 15 minutes and we highly recommend you start with 1/2 a serving to assess your tolerance. This is the strongest pre-workout formula in our arsenal and it will drive your training to the next level.. Guaranteed.


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