Betagem V2-A

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  • Extreme Energy
  • Powerful Stimulation
  • Wicked Pumps and Focus
  • Amplified Power and Potency


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From: $45.00


Product Info

Betagem V2-A is our second generation Betagem formula,with the same tried and true effectiveness of the original but completely revamped for stronger stimulation, better focus, increased endurance and of course amazing pumps.

Betagem V2-A is a “Hard Hitting” product and is not intended for anyone who may be sensitive to stimulants such as caffeine. Its potency can be felt within 20 minutes as it starts to make its way through the bloodstream and into the muscular and nervous system where it literally “Flips A Switch” and turn you “ON!”..

Betagem V2-A is easily the strongest pre-training formula in our arsenal and should be reserved for those days where you really need an “Edge” to push you past plateaus and drive your training to the next level.

Betagem V2-A’s core ingredient, 2-Amino-Isoheptane is widely accepted as a DMAA equivalent and will blow your socks off. Get ready for intense energy, strength, drive and stamina.. You’re about to experience BETAGEM V2-A!


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