Blood Sugar RX Liquid Formula

Supports Healthy Blood Sugar


  •  Help restore and control blood sugar levels
  •  Energize immune system
  •  Increase circulation
  •  Improve cholesterol and wellbeing

Product description

Blood Sugar Rx Liquid Formula was designed to be taken with our Blood Sugar Rx Capsules for the most aggressive course of action possible for individuals with elevated glucose levels.

Blood Sugar Rx Liquid has three proven ingredients that when used together will help the user gradually bring down circulating blood glucose levels into the normal range.

These three ingredients are (Aloe Vera, Nopal and Flax Seed Oil) Our unique formula is designed to be taken every morning with breakfast. The special blend of natural juices have the ability to drop fasting blood sugar levels and even improve circulation in diabetics.

Numerous clinical studies have shown aloe vera’s beneficial properties in diabetics as well as improved cholesterol levels. Aloe has the ability to reverse “sludge blood” which then allows for more improved circulation to extremities.

Blood Sugar Rx Liquid is a strong component in the fight against diabetes and elevated blood glucose levels. We recommend taking it in conjunction with Blood Sugar Rx Capsules for best results.


How to Use

Take 1 – 2 Capfuls daily upon rising. For faster results take 2 Capfuls each morning and 2 Capfuls at night before bed. Combine with Blood Sugar Rx Capsules for best results.


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