Blood Sugar RX

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mark Decrease blood sugar levels for optimal health and energy

mark Energize immune system

mark Increase circulation

mark Improve cholesterol and wellbeing



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Blood Sugar Rx has become one of PureLine’s most popular products. Why? Simply because it works to help control and maintain healthy and regulated blood sugar levels. Blood Sugar Rx works in two specific ways.

1. Decreasing the amount of circulating blood glucose by limiting the absorption of sugar in the blood stream

2. The ingredients in Blood Sugar Rx also support insulin sensitivity.

This means that the cells become more sensitive to your body’s insulin allowing for more absorption of glucose into the muscle to be used for energy.

With its unique blend of over 18 vitamins, herbs and minerals Blood Sugar Rx has helped hundreds of our customers see healthier blood sugar levels. Along with a proper diet and exercise, blood sugar rx can support and optimize blood sugar health.

We recommend taking at least 2 capsules per day for optimal results. For even better results, we recommend adding our Blood Sugar Rx liquid formula to the capsule version. By adding the liquid formula our users have seen even better results.

Suggested Use: 2 Capsules per day with food. Combine with Blood Sugar Rx Liquid Formula for optimal results and use 1 capful of the liquid formula per day.


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