• Increased Fullness and Vascularity
  • Added Training Intensity and Power
  • Endurance and Strength 
  • Muscularity and Increased Pumps

Blood Volume Hyperemia Protocol

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If you’re ready to get your “Perpetual Pump On” then take advantage of our Blood Volume Hyperemia Protocol. This Protocol uses the combination of Plasmavol Raw which includes 3 forms of highly absorbable Arginine along withOur breakthrough 3rd generation Pump product, Plasmavol EVO3.

The feeling and fullness you’ll get from these 2 pump products will literally leave your feeling like a God in the gym. Insane road-map vascularity will line your arms and legs within minutes of using this stack.

Not to be out done, Crank V2 has been added for another dimension of stimulation and workout intensity. Together with Plasmavol Raw and Plasmavol EVO3, this combination is the perfect pre training formula for anyone interested in obtaining the most incredible workout ever.

Directions: Use 1 scoop of each 30 minutes before training in 6-8oz of water.