Collagen Peptides

Healing & Anti-Aging


  • Delicious Taste
  • Fast Digesting
  • 5 Types of Collagen
  • Hydrolyzed
  • Added Hyaluronic Acid
  • Gluten Free and Dairy Free

Product description

If there were a Pureline Top 5, this product would 100% be in it! Our Collagen Peptide formula was designed with all 5 Types of Collagen to ensure you get the most effective dose of collagen available. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body making up a large percentage of your skin, bone, muscle, tendon, and ligament structure. A lack of collagen amplifies the aging process and slows your recovery ability.

Our collagen peptide formula was designed to help support:

  • Skin, Hair and Nail Health
  • Teeth and Bone Strength
  • Joint and Cartilage Repair
  • Gut and Digestive Health
  • Metabolic Efficiency

Using collagen daily can help your body naturally fight aging and help improve healing of the body both on the inside and out. Collagen has also been studied extensively for its safety profile and its ability to help improve skin texture while reducing inflammation. Taken daily, Pureline’s Collagen Peptide Formula offers you a clinical dose of “Hydrolyzed Collagen” for easy absorption and maximum effectiveness. Pureline’s Collagen Peptides have also been fortified with a healthy dose of Hyaluronic Acid to help aid in your skins health and appearance. Collagen Peptides are a must have for anyone looking to improve the overall wellness of their body.

How to Use

Take 1 – 2 scoops of Collagen Peptides daily mixed in your favorite drink or a protein shake.


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