Collegiate Performance Stack

Performance Recovery and Nutrition



Kit Includes

  • Mesofactor 500
  • Creaload
  • Glutavol

Product description

The Collegiate Performance Stack has been built for the college level athlete who is looking to excel in their sport of choice. With 100% Natural and Non-Banned Products this stack will help athletes increase strength, power, speed and recovery.

This stack works on several fronts. First Mesofactor acts as a meal replacement formula to help ensure protein, carbohydrates and essential fats are flooding the body for repair and muscle growth. With close to zero sugar, Mesofactor is a state of the art Meal Replacement for athletes who need extra nutritional support. Creaload and Glutagen X have been added to help replenish muscular tissue with vital nutrients necessary for quick healing, recovery and repair. Creaload adds pure creatine monohydrate to the mix for increases in ATP production and cellular hydration. This results in better energy, stamina and increases in strength.

Lastly BCAA LINXs have been added as a source of amino acids to aid the athlete in their quest to be the best he or she can be. Branched Chain Amino’s are specifically important because during training the body goes into a catabolic state in which protein in the muscle can be burned as fuel. BCAA’s signal the body to stop this reaction and start the re-building process.

Together this stack can be considered a tactical approach to improving strength, speed and recovery in the college athlete. For best results athletes should use this stack for 8-12 weeks continuously.



How to Use

Mesofactor 500

— 4 scoops with 8-10oz of water 3 times per day as a meal replacement


– Pre Workout- 1 scoop 20 minutes before training

-Post Workout- 1 scoop immediately after training


— 1 scoop 3-4 x per day before, during and after intense workouts or training sessions


Training Days — 1-2 scoops in 6-8ox of water before and during training

Daily Use — 1-2 scoops in 6-8oz of water as needed for recovery and recuperation


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