Diva Blast (Energy, Wellness and Support)

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Diva Blast (Energy, Wellness and Support System) was designed for hard working women(especially mom’s) out there that have to stay health, energetic and full of life!

This unique combination was designed to help do several things including:

Supporting Health and Wellness
Improving Energy, Mood and Focus
Supporting Hormone Balance
Ensuring Maximum Immune System Strength

Our Diva Blast System uses to of our most popular Diva Products (Diva Complete and Diva Balance). Diva complete is a multi-pronged vitamin wellness formula with added essential fats for overall health.

Diva Balance is our Fruits and Greens formula which ensures that vital Photo-Nutrients are available for complete health and wellness. Taking one serving of each daily will keep you performing at your best.

Suggested Use: Take 1 packet of Diva Complete Daily with Food.Take 1 Serving of Diva Balance in 5-6oz of ice cold water daily