Diva Heat Night Time Formula

Night Time Fat Burning Formula for Women


  • Burn calories and body fat while you sleep
  • Enhanced with specific ingredients to bring down and control cortisol (stress hormone) levels
  • Lower stress levels leave the body free to mobilize and burn fat
  • Stimulant free to promote restful sleep

Product description

Diva Heat Nighttime was designed as a complimentary product to either XP2G, Thermacore or our Diva Heat Daytime formula. Most daytime fat loss formulas have a mild to strong stimulatory effect and can keep some people up at night. Diva Heat Nighttime was designed to help keep your metabolic rate on track while slowing down the rest of your body.

Diva Heat Nighttime was designed with key ingredients to suppress cortisol and help keep fat burning on track while you sleep. Our clients also report that they wake up refreshed and rested when they have taken Diva Heat Nighttime the night before. If you’re looking to burn a little bit more body fat and take your weight loss up a notch the Diva Heat Nighttime formula should be a welcomed addition to your fat loss program.


How to Use

Take 2 Capsules 30 minutes before bed.


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