Enhanced Shred and Grow Cycle

Natural Muscle Growth


Product Highlights:
  • Natural Muscle Growth
  • Enhanced Physique Development
  • Fast Fat Loss
  • Enhanced Strength, Size and Growth
  • Safe for Men of All Ages

Product description

The Enhanced Shred and Grow Cycle was designed for men who are serious about stripping fat off their bodies and building a sculpted and lean physique that will be the envy of all.

Remember, where you start isn’t as important as where you finish, and the Enhanced Shred and Grow  cycle uses 3 of our most powerful natural compounds to help assist your efforts.

We start with Primovar one of our most effective natural lean muscle producers. Primovar is designed to help strip fat from the body and create a lean and dry physique that looks athletic and as strong as a Russian Bear. Primovar works quickly to help increase protein synthesis which leads to  quick muscle tissue gains and rapid fat loss. The key ingredient in Primovar has been used by the Soviets for years to help accelerate their results in the gym.

We’ve also added Myodrol to this program because of it’s ability to limit Myostatin in the body. Myostatin is a regulator of sorts that tells the body to stop  building muscle and keep you average. The ingredient in Myodrol blocks this inhibitor so you can continue to grow at an unprecedented rate. This natural plant phenol works quite well at adding an additional 5-10lbs of muscle to physiques in just a few short months.

Lastly we’ve added PhosphaJet PA, Pureline’s newest University Tested compound. This compound turns on the mTor signal in muscle tissue which then increases protein turnover and muscle growth. This completely natural, yet incredibly novel way of building muscle is being touted as the biggest scientific breakthrough in years.

This trio of unique compounds is quite frankly the most powerful natural bodybuilding and fat-stripping stack we have ever designed. For those men who are only interested in completely natural ways of building muscle, this stack is for you. Don’t wait, get on cycle today and experience a different  physique in just a matter of weeks.

How to Use

Primovar – 1 Capsule in the morning, 1 Capsule in the Afternoon
Phosphajet – 1 Capsule in the morning, 1 Capsule in the Afternoon
Myodrol -1 Capsule in the morning, 1 Capsule in the Afternoon
(All may be taken together for a morning and afternoon dose)

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