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-Dry Comound
– Stimulates Lean Muscle Growth
– Helps Accelerate Fat Loss
– Great for Hardening and Cutting

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The mother of all Pro-Hormone Compounds has arrived. In the old days, one of the most
coveted Anabolics on the planet was Deca Durabolin, in fact it was considered the base of many
cycles becomes of its ability to help build solid dense muscle tissue that was not only dry but
hard and vascular. It was a staple and usually the “Base” of most of Anabolic Cycles.

The density and overall “Quality” of tissue that one would obtain by the use of Deca was
highly regarded because most of the tissue was retained after cycles were complete.
The base Pro-hormone, or to be more technical.. “Pre-Hormone,” in Epishred BDS is a 19-Nor
Andro, which at the correct doses converts to Nandrolone or “Deca” in the system. Deca is used
by many individuals for mass, bulking, strength and recovery from injuries.

Deca or 19 Nor Andro the active compound in “EpiShred BDS,” has positive and beneficial
effects on tendons, ligaments and bone tissue allowing for healing and injury prevention when
lifting heavier weights.

Users of this compound notice not just muscle growth but a different “Quality of Muscle
Tissue.” Existing tissue seems to harden up and create a dense and striated look while
increasing vascularity.

The look is very noticeable and the pumps that one gets in the gym are quite amazing when
using this compound. EpiShred BDS creates a truly unique look.. It’s that look that creates a 3
Dimensional Illusion of Size.. Muscles seem rounder, fuller and harder while on it, and users
tend to stay full and “Pumped” even when not at the gym. It’s very typical to look extremely
vascular and “veiny” while on this compound.

Of course Epi-Shred BDS isn’t just about 19-Nor, in fact.. it’s much more.. you see we added
Epi-Androsterone to the make up which converts to DHT. DHT will help inhibit or lower estrogen
levels which will “Dry Out” the user and give a look of leanness and hardness that couldn’t be
achieved naturally. The other unique property that Epiandro has is its ability to bind to SHBG..to
put in simple terms this allows for you to get more Free Testosterone in your system from
whatever Pro-Hormone you might be taking.. Essentially this makes everything you take more
potent and powerful.

Lastly we have added a unique ingredient called Byroviron. Essentially Byroviron with
evidence that shows it can increase Leutinizing Hormone and Follicle Stimulating
Hormone.. This is extremely important because it can help off-set Testosterone Shutdown..
This of course has been a major issue with all types of Pre and Pro Hormone’s in the past.
Byroviron can help stimulate natural testosterone during a cycle and keep you leveled out so
that the drop post- cycle is not as extreme.

EpiShred BDS has also been infused with Safi Musli which also supports healthy testosterone,
increased lean muscle and overall well being. Safi Musli has also been noted to have extremely
positive effects on sexual health and potency.

Together these 4 compounds make up what we feel is going to set a very high Bench-Mark for
Pro-Hormone Supplementation. EpiShred BDS can be combined with Testojet, Myodrol and
other Anabolic Muscle Building Compounds for even greater effects.

The maximum length of a cycle while on EpiShred BDS should be limited to 12 weeks
followed by at least 8 weeks completely off all compounds except PCT, ArimiDx TDrive and
Testoplex. ArimiDx can be used with Epishred to help increase muscle hardness and eliminate
any possible Estrogen related side effects.

Note: Please check with your organization, team, or employer before using this product as it will test positive for Nandrolone (if that compound is tested for.)

Suggested Use:
Take 1 tablet 2 x per day

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