• Increases Fat Loss by 65%
  • Helps Increase Energy, Metabolic Rate and Thyroid Health
  • Targets Hip, Thigh and Abdominal Fat
  • Helps Suppress Appetite and Increases Caloric Burn
  • Works Fast and Effectively

Extreme Fat Torching System

From: $90.00


The Extreme Fat Torching System was designed for men and women who need to lose a moderate to significant amount of fat (weight) and do so rather quickly. This stack is also perfect for those of you who want to use fat loss supplements but don’t know where to begin!

We start with the newest XP2G Formula, (XP2G “Inferno,”) this formula was specifically designed to help increase thermogenesis and create an environment that will help radically reduce body-fat. XP Inferno creates a clean, mood lifting effect which will motivate you to workout, train and eat right.

XP2G “Inferno” also helps you maintain clean eating habits by suppressing cravings for carbohydrates and sugars. Most everyone who uses it agrees that fat just seems to fall off after only a few short weeks.

T3-Thyrotropin has also been added to this stack to help promote thyroid health and function. The thyroid gland is responsible for a host of metabolic functions within your body and if not functioning well, can lead to weight gain and loss of energy. T3 goes to work to help accelerate your metabolism and improve your weight-loss efforts. T3 is stimulant free so it makes for a great pair with XP “Inferno” which does have moderate stimulation.


XP2G “Inferno” paired with T3 is our most comprehensive fat loss combination to date, and the addition of T3 will increase fat loss efforts by at least 65%. Use this stack for at least 8 weeks for the best results in fat loss.

How to Take:

XP2G Inferno – 1 Capsule upon waking, 1 Capsule mid-afternoon.

T3 Thyrotropin – 1 Capsule upon waking, 1 Capsule mid-afternoon.