Full on Swole and Shredded Cycle

Muscle Volume and Fullness


  • Increases Muscle Volume and Fullness
  • Hardens and Thickens Physique
  • Creates the Perpetual Pump.. (phyisque looks pumped 24/7)
  • Improves Vascularity and Dryness

Product description

The Full on Swole and Shredded Cycle was designed to do just what it says, Get you “Swole and Shredded Simultaneously.” Everything that can be said about or “Vicious Ripped 8 Cycle” still holds true for this cycle.

Testojet will work its magic by helping you “Volumize and Grow Lean Muscle.” Tissue will be engorged with blood from the very first training session and nutrients will be shuttled to muscle quickly to help accommodate the rapid growth that comes with Testojet. Overall hardness, muscle fullness and density will be quite evident in just a few days and most users report that “Crazy Pump Looked” that screams for attention.

EpiShred goes to work solidifying muscle tissue and creating an even denser, dryer and harder look that what one would obtain with Testojet alone. The Synergy that accompanies the stack of compounds will leave you truly amazed. The most incredible and striking will be the way that muscle just seems to “Swell Rapidly.” Strength goes up quite rapidly and users should be careful to maintain good form as connective tissue does not accompany muscle in it’s rapid growth.

To further push the limits we decided to add one more Muscle Building Agent to this stack and that’s Myodrol.. Myodrol is a truly unique formula in its ability to suppress and limit the signaling of Myostatin. Myostatin is the gene which regulates muscle growth. The more Myostatin a person has the less likely they are to be able to “Push Past Genetic Barriers” and build a big and lean physique. The core ingredient in Myodrol is Epicatechin, this unique compound releases a molecule called Follistatin which helps prevent the “Signaling of Myostatin.” This means that it’s all systems go for growth. There are essentially no limiting factors.

This Tri-Stack system which includes Testojet BDS, EpiShred BDS and Myodrol are destined to take your physique to a place it’s never been before. Thick, dry and dense gains are a trademark of this stack and results are evident in as little as 5-6 days.. Total program length can be 4 – 12 weeks but do not exceed 12 weeks of continuous use without a proper PCT protocol.

How to Use

Testojet and EpiShred – Take 1 Tablet of Each 2x Per Day

Myodrol – Take 2 Capsules with any meal, one time per day.

PCT: It is highly recommended to follow a rigorous PCT protocol with T Drive, Testoplex and

PCT and ArimiDx for 4 week post cycle. After this take an additional 4 weeks off everything.


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