mark Near immediate absorption to optimize energy, recovery and stamina unlike any other “carbohydrate” supplement available

mark Enhance with branched chain amino acids, as well as L-Glutamine for increased recovery properties

mark Hypodex does not elicit an insulin response, therefor it is perfect during and around your workout time for steady and continuous energy levels

mark Studies have shown that the ingredients in Hypodex enable athletes to have increased power and endurance during their training



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Whether you are a cyclist, cross-fit junke, MMA Athlete, NFL Running back or just an every day gym goer, Hypodex is the ultimate performance product. Hypodex is cutting edge and can easily be considered an all natural “performance enhancing substance.”

HypoDex is a state of the art energy, endurance and recovery drink. Cluster Dextrin (Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin) is absorbed at a faster rate than Glucose. Cluster Dextrin’s low osmotic pressure, otherwise known as Hypotonicity, makes its ability to transport other ingredients such as BCAA’s and Glutamine extremely efficient.

HypoDex has been formulated with not only Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin but also an ample supply of BCAA’s and Glutamine which are moved swiftly through the stomach and into the small intestine for immediate absorption.

Along with the Cluster Dextrin’s fast Gastric Emptying Time it also has the benefit of being a very efficient endurance promoting product. Because it does does not drastically alter insulin secretion, it is processed at a more steady state which allows for continuous energy levels and increased fat mobilization.

Studies have shown that athletes using Cluster Dextrin before, during and after training show increased power, endurance and recovery as opposed to those only using water or a glucose dependent sports drink.

Suggested Use: For maximum recovery and performance use Hypodex before, during and after training.

Men: Use 1 Scoop pre, intra and post workout for energy and recovery

Women: Use 1/2 Scoop pre, intra and post workout for energy and recovery


What to Expect

HypoDex has multiple uses. For the bodybuilding and fitness enthusiast it can help shuttle amino acids and nutrients into muscle tissue fast. For endurance training or cross-fit training, HypoDex offers a continuous source of fuel during wod’s. This means you will not get tired and your muscular system will keep pumping out rep after rep with less effort than normal.

HypoDex also offers a muscle fullness effect and keeps Glycogen levels primed. This simply results in hard, vascular and dense muscle tissue during and long after the training session.