Jacked and Diesel Program

Thick Dense Dry Muscle


  • A Grainy Dry Look
  • Helps Build Mature Thick Tissue
  • Accelerates Recovery and Healing
  • Increases Fat Loss and Metabolic Rate
  • Eliminates Estrogen and Water

Product description

Density and Dryness they are the hallmark of that envied conditioned look that guys and girls take notice of in the gym, on the beach or even in a tight shirt at the club. Razor thin skin and vascularity are also par of “The Look” that says you know what you’re doing in the gym
and in life.

The Jacked and Diesel program was designed to not only build slabs of thick dense and hard muscular tissue but also create a tight and dry look with saran wrap skin that literally clings to muscle and veins. This stack is extremely potent and is reserved for those guys who have a some experience under their belt!

The “Diesel Cycle,” … what we’ve nicknamed it .. delivers it’s first one-two punch combo with Testojet and Epishred at the helm of the stack. If you’ve used or have read about any of our other combo stacks then you know how powerful this combination is.

Testojet is one of the most potent size building agents available today and has been proven to add 10-15 lbs of muscle in just a short 4-8 weeks on. The dry and dense muscle that Testojet builds creates a distinctive look that can only be acquired by through “supplementation!”

The thickness and dryness that accompanies Testojet is complimented by Epishred which goes to work with it’s “Big Brother” to help “Solidify Muscle Gains” and really mature the muscle tissue so it looks grainy, dry and vascular. The muscular hardness achieved by this stack is really unique because of the EpiAndro which helps dry out the tissue and give it that wicked look that creates lines and definition visible even through a T Shirt.

But we didn’t stop there.. we added a unique Myostatin inhibitor in through the use of Myodrol our Epicatechin compound that helps release Follistatin which prevents the signaling of Myostatin.. (the gene that literally limits muscle growth).. with this gene “De-Sensitized,” we are
able to now put the pro hormones to work and allow for the growth and accumulation of muscle tissue at an accelerated rate. This means 2x the amount of muscle in 1/2 the time!

Lastly ArimiDx has been added for it’s ability to reduce any potential estrogen and increase testosterone levels. ArimiDx helps reduce estrogen circulation that could lead to a potentially watery film under the skin. This helps keep the user razor sharp and helps “Dry Out” the muscle tissue to give it that grainy hard appearance. ArimiDx also works to help keep natural testosterone levels elevated. This is important as some ProHormone compounds can
cause natural testosterone levels to shut down.

As always cycle length should be between 4 – 12 weeks and no cycle should exceed 12 weeks without a proper PCT protocol and time off. This cycle will get you hard, dense and dry quickly. It’s literally the most potent system we have for creating an all around lean, hard and athletic look that turns heads.

How to Use

Testojet and EpiShred – Take 1 Tablet of Each 2x Per Day
Myodrol – Take 2 Capsules with any meal, one time per day.
ArimiDx – Take 1 Capsule 3x per day with meals.

PCT: It is highly recommended to follow a rigorous PCT protocol with T Drive, Testoplex and
PCT and ArimiDx for 4 week post cycle. After this take an additional 4 weeks off everything.


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