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Whether your drink a little too much, take medication regularly or have been supplementing with advanced muscle building compounds, Kidney Shield will not only help restore kidney health but also help protect them from future stress.

The Kidneys are a pair of bean shaped organs on either side of your spine, and behind your stomach. Their job is to filter the blood and remove wastes, control the body’s fluid balance and keep the electrolytes in check. All of the blood in your body passes through them several times per day. Basically blood comes through the kidneys and waste gets removed and salt water and minerals are adjusted as needed.

Each Kidney has a million tiny filters called nephrons. Damage to these filtering units can cause Scar Tissue on the Kidneys and lead to long term health effects. K-Shield was designed to help restore long term health through three different phases.

Phase 1 is a Repair Blend which uses Cranberry and Astragalus to help promote health of the Nephrons and restore basic kidney health.

Phase 2 is a Detoxification Blend which includes several herbal extracts that have scientifically been proven to help detoxify, heal and restore kidney health.
The combination of Buchu Leaves, Birch Leaves and Goldenrod are well documented for their beneficial effects on Kidney health and have extremely powerful
toxin removal capabilities.

Phase 3 is the Protectant Blend which uses Cinnamon, Ginger, Tumeric, Rhizome Powder and a host of other herbal and fruit extracts to ensure that the Kidneys are protected from powerful drug toxins, alcohol or other factors which cause kidney stress.

Together this 3 phase system can help keep your Kidneys healthy and functioning properly. This formula is unmatched by any other similar product in its ability to promote kidney health and wellness.

Suggested Use:

Use 2 Capsules 2 x per day for basic kidney health. Use 2 Capsules 3 x per day during heavy medication use, higher alcohol consumption intake or times when your kidneys may be experiencing higher than normal levels of stress.


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