Lean FX - Liquid L- Carnitine Fat Loss Activator

Transports Fat to Cells to be Used for Energy


– Transports Fat to Cells to be Used for Energy
– Accelerates Fat Loss
– Improves Endurance, Energy and Stamina
– Improves Oxygen Supply to Muscle
– Aids in Hearth and Brain Health

Product description

If you’re stuck trying to figure out how to burn that stubborn pocket of fat off your abs, hips or thighs then Lean FX was designed just for you!

Lean FX is a “Stimulant Free” Fat Loss Amplifier which helps move fat from those stubborn areas into your cells to be burned off as fuel during exercise.

With a combination of both “Fast and Steady Acting” types of L Carnitine, Lean FX can help assist you in reaching your Fat Loss goals faster!

The benefits of L-Carnitine have been studied for years and it has long been a staple in
helping people burn fat fast.

Lean FX uses a combination of Pure L Carnitine and L Carnitine Tartrate in a 50/50 blend to help produce a more steady infusion of L-Carnitine into the blood stream.

This in turn helps amplify fat loss over longer periods of time. Lean FX can be used 20-30 minutes before cardio or exercise to help “Turn Up” fat burning and create the ideal fat loss environment.

Since Lean FX is stimulant free it also ideal to use in combination of with stimulant based fat loss products. Taken regulary, Lean FX may help assist you in fat loss, energy production and recovery. Use daily for best results.

How to Use

Take 1 Tbps (Tablespoon) of Lean FX 20-30 min before workouts. For best results use on an empty  stomach before cardio workouts. On non-workout days use first thing in the morning. Use up to 2x per day for better results.


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