LeanFX 24/7 Burn and Re-Shape Cycle

rapid fat loss & body re-shaping



Product Highlights

– Quick Weight Loss Support
– Eliminates Stubborn Fat Pockets
– Increases Metabolic Rate
– Helps Mobilize Stored Fat for Energy

Product description

The LeanFX 24/7 Burn and Re-Shape Cycle was designed for rapid fat loss and powerful body re-shaping results. If you’re having a little difficulty getting rid of that last 10, 15 or even 20lbs then this is the cycle for you.

What makes this cycle special is its ability to not only do everything our Slash and Burn Cycle does but do it for 24 hours a day. What makes this possible is the use of our XPPM nighttime fat burning formula.

By adding this to our other compounds we have created a pathway for non-stop fat loss. XP Inferno will act to torch fat from your hips, abs and thighs while T3 will optimize hormone and metabolic rates.

Finally LeanFX will do its part in helping to shuttle fat to cells where it can be burned as fuel during exercise. Then, to help ensure fat loss while you sleep, XPPM is dropped into the equation right before bed.

This powerful cycle will result in optimized fat loss and help you get in the best shape of your life. Don’t wait, start optimizing your fat loss with the most powerful fat burning cycle to date.

How to Use

LeanFX – Take 1/2 cap-full 20 min before exercise
XP Inferno – Take 1 capsule 2x per day (do not take after 3pm)
T3 – Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the afternoon
XPPM – Take 2 capsules 30 min before falling asleep


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