LeanFX “Blast The Fat Stack” For Serious Results

Fastest & Most powerful Fat Loss Stack



Product Highlights

– Rapid Fat Loss Effects
– Metabolic Enhancement
– Improved Energy and Reduced Appetite
– Burns Stubborn Pockets of Bodyfat

Product description

The LeanFX “Blast the Fat Stack” was designed for those individuals who demand the absolute fastest and most powerful Fat Loss enhancement available period! This stack uses a multi pronged approach to help completely SHED fat and help eliminate the most stubborn forms of fat from male and female bodies.

LeanFX goes to work during exercise to literally move fat from its stubborn pockets to cells where it can be burned during your training or cardio. It works quickly and elegantly to literally vaporize fat.

XP Inferno then goes to work on your energy systems and appetite. XP improves energy during your training and does a tremendous job of eliminating sugar and carbohydrate cravings. T3 steps into the equation to ensure Thyroid Health and improve overall hormonal balance. The thyroid is the master metabolic gland and improving the health of the thyroid will result in more effective weight loss.

Garcinia goes to work by limiting the amount of fat that is absorbed by the the body. It also has strong appetite suppression effects which will help those who are keeping carbohydrate levels low. Lastly CLA was added for its ability to help reduce body-fat (particularly in the abdominal area). It has a long history of helping improve metabolic rate and naturally accelerating the fat burning process.

Together these compounds create the “LeanFX Blast the Fat Stack” a first of its kind combination of ingredients which leaves no stone un-turned in the fat loss equation.

How to Use

LeanFX – Take 1/2 cap-full 20 min before exercise
XP Inferno – Take 1 capsule 2x per day (do not take after 3pm)
T3 – Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the afternoon
Garcinia Cambogia – 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the afternoon
CLA – 2 soft-gels in the morning and 2 soft-gels in the evening


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