LeanFX Slash and Burn Cycle

Rapid Fat Loss and Body Recomp.



Product Highlights

– Rapid Fat Loss
– Recomposition and Leaning Out
– Optimized Metabolism
– Energy and Support

Product description

The LeanFX Slash and Burn cycle works on multiple levels to help eliminate stubborn fat by shuttling it to cells where it can be burned as energy. This unique combination of key Fat Burning Compounds will have you fitting into that dress in the back of the closet or have you ready for the beach in no time at all.

The Slash and Burn stack works via 3 different pathways to help eliminate fat.

1. It helps transport fat to cells to be used as energy during cardio or your workout.

2. It helps optimize thyroid health so that your metabolism and hormonal system are working in unison to create fat loss.

3. It helps increase energy levels and will push you through those last few minutes of your cardio session.

If your goal is to lose fat quickly and get the most from your workout and diet then this is the Fat Loss Stack for you. For best results use this cycle for 8 weeks.

How to Use

LeanFX – Take 1/2 cap-full 20 min before exercise
XP Inferno – Take 1 capsule 2x per day (do not take after 3pm)
T3 – Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the afternoon


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