Methyl 3D

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mark Rapid delivery to the blood stream, providing the fastest reacting energy before workouts

mark L-Arginine will increase vascularity and blood volume, providing extreme pumps

mark Zero crash or drop off after workouts

mark Enhanced with beta alanine for heightened muscular endurance and output


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MethylStim 3D will do everything you’ve come to expect from the original Methystim formula and more. Methylstim 3D is known as our “Clean Energy Formula”.. The feeling is really unique in that it wakes you up quickly and gets you ready for your workout session fast.

You’ll notice a feeling of alertness within minutes of use and as it creeps in you’ll find that it pushes motivation and intensity to levels never thought possible. Several users consider Methylstim 3D our strongest formula in the Pre-Workout category and swear by its fast action.

The new Methylstim3D blend has the addition of several energy co-factors into its formula to enhance mental focus, training intensity and drive.
Another unique and welcomed effect of the unique matrix in Methylstim 3D is that it does not “Drop Off” fast as do typical Pre-Workout formulas. It has a smooth and clean “let off” time that just tends to level out very naturally. No crash, no edginess etc..

This means longer more sustained energy levels for better workouts! The unique Arginine blend in Methylstim 3D allows for increased blood volume and better nutrient facilitation to muscle tissue. But.. if you really want to amp it up and increase pumps and blood volume then try adding 1 scoop of Plasmavol V2 to your Methystim 3D and get ready for the most intense skin splitting pumps of your life.

Without a doubt Methylstim 3D is a Pureline favorite and will be a nice addition to your workout arsenal.

Suggested Use: 1 Scoop mixed in 6-8oz of water 30 min before training. *For ridiculous pumps add 1 scoop of Plasmavol V2 to Methylstim3D

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