Phosphajet PA

Maximize Protein Synthesis


PhosphajetPA is Clinically Proven to:
  • Increase Dry Lean Muscle Tissue
  • Increase Strength and Speed
  • Decrease Stubborn Fat
  • Improve Body Composition (More Muscle and Less Fat)
  • Help Stop Muscle Loss in Older Adults

Product description

Putting on slabs of lean, hard muscle tissue doesn’t happen by accident. Every squat, every curl, every press, all leads to one outcome. A body that demands respect and turns heads every time you walk though the gym doors.

Creating your body requires effort, intention and thought. From a scientific standpoint there are 2 things that are always happening when it comes to muscle. Your body is constantly either:

1. Breaking Muscle Protein (Tissue) Down
2. Or Increasing Muscle Protein Synthesis (Increasing Muscle Tissue)

How you balance these two delicate functions determines how much lean muscle you gain or lose. This is where (mTor) comes into play.

What is (mT0r)

mTor is a “SIGNAL” that when activated will help translate protein into lean new muscle tissue. Believe it or not, this one simple mechanism determines how much muscle you do or do not put on.

So the question is, what can you do to “Turn It On?” Obviously, weight training, protein consumption and certain other factors can help increase mTor signaling..

But unfortunately that isn’t enough to really turn up the volume and help trigger insane muscle growth.

That’s where PhosphaJet PA  comes into play. PhosphaJet PA is Pureline’s ground breaking Phosphatidic Acid Compound. Using trademarked “Mediator” Phosphatidic Acid, PhosphajetPA is a university tested and scientifically sound way to increase muscle mass, increase strength and double fat loss without using hormones or other pharmaceutical compounds.

PhosphaJet PA is an absolute must if your goal is increased lean muscle, fat loss and strength. It can be used alone, stacked with other non-hormonal based compounds for a clean natural stack or even with hormonal based compounds to help maximize your cycle. Some individuals have found a use for it as a “Bridge” between cycles which allows for continued muscle growth between aggressive cycles.

Is PhosphaJet safe for females? PhosphaJet can be used by both males and females for improvements in body composition. Men and Women who are both interested in building muscle and burning fat can maximize their efforts by adding PhosphaJet before workouts.

Improvements in fat loss and muscle hardness are noticeable within the first few weeks of using PhosphaJet PA.  Taken consistently for 4-8 weeks, Phosphajet PA offers individuals a safe non-hormonal way to change their physiques.

How to Use

Take 2 Capsules Daily


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