Plasmavol Raw

Increased Nitric Oxide Release


  • Increased Nitric Oxide Release
  • Blood Flow, Vasodilation and Fullness
  • Energy and Endurance
  • Increased Performance and Muscle Conditioning

Product description

Plasmavol RAW is a stand-alone full spectrum Arginine Matrix. With 3 different Arginine types we are able to illicit different responses in the body. The first response is immediate increases
in Nitric Oxide levels which result in muscle fullness, thickness and increased vasodilation. Improvements in vasodilation also leads to better endurance. When arginine releases nitric oxide it causes widening of the blood vessels. This lowers blood pressure and increases blood flow to the muscles during workouts. This means more nutrients and oxygen are adequately supplied to your muscles for longer periods of time which gives you better endurance and performance.

Plasmavol RAW it an extremely soluble and highly absorbable Arginine Matrix which makes the results it produces much more profound. Users will note that they feel fuller, denser and have better pumps  than they would if they used a standalone pre-workout or pump product.

How to Use

For Best Results: Combine Plasmavol RAW with Plasmavol V2 and/or a pre-workout of choice. Use 1 scoop or 3 grams approximately 30 min before training or any other exercise activity.


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