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Can you point to your Immune System? Think about that for a second.. Where is your immune system?

Most people can’t really describe or define their Immune system but the truth is that almost 85% of your body’s Immune System is found in your Gut. There is a barrier in your gut that is almost the size of a Tennis Court and it’s home to millions of “Good Bacteria” or Pro-Biotic that help ensure wellness.

These Pro-Biotics play a role in digestion and absorption of Carbohydrates, Protein and Fats which of course leads to better energy, better recovery and increased health. These bacteria also effect your how your brain functions as well due to the “Gut-Brain Axis” which allows for communication to happen between the brain and the gut.

There are a host of benefits that Pro-Biotics have in your system including but not limited to:

Better Digestive Health
Improved Immune System
Lowered Inflammation
Skin Health
Cardiovascular Health

And many many more. In the past we consumed most of the good bacteria we needed from food but.. because of refrigeration and dangerous agricultural practices like soaking our foods in chlorine, today’s food contains little to no pro-biotics. Most food actually contains dangerous antibiotics that kill off the good bacteria in our bodies.

It’s essential that you supplement with a good Pro-Biotic formula or eat plenty of raw vegetables. PRO-BE9 has over 30 Billion Pro-Biotic Organisms Per Capsule that help support all the functions of you health. When PRO-BE9 is taken regularly each of the 9 Strains of Probiotics in the formula will help promote gastrointestinal health and wellness. PRO-BE9 will also help maintain optimal microbe balance which can result in better nutrient absorption.

Suggested Use:

It is recommended to take 1-2 capsules of PRO-BE9 daily with any meal.


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