Pure C-1000

Product Specs

markPure C provides you with the purest form of ascorbic acid, that is enhanced to help prevent oxidation and break down in the bloodstream

markThis gives you optimal immune health and vitality

markBecause of the highest quality and potency, pure c can fight illness in the most stressful conditions

markVitamin c can also lower hypertension, as well as prevents against stroke and eye disease

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Product Info

Pure C 1000 is more than just Vitamin C. It’s 1000mg of ascorbic acid along with a blend of Bioflavonoids for protection against oxidation once in the blood stream.

This will increase absorption of Vitamin C where it can then be used for to help bolster the immune system, improve bodily functions and act as a potent anti-oxidant.

Vitamin C dosages vary from person to person but we recommend 1,000mg daily and up to 4,000mg per day when under extreme stress or when fighting illness.

Suggested Use: 1-5 tablets daily with meals