Pure Cleanse Aloe,Nopal & Flax

Product Specs

mark Detoxify and cleanse all major organs, blood stream, and digestive system

mark Improve the body’s antioxidant levels and boost immune health

mark Nopal has been shown to fight bad cholesterol levels and enhance well-being

mark Restore natural energy and cleanse neuro-receptors


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Product Info

Pure Cleanse Detoxification and Energy Formula has been designed to be used as the first part of our 2 part detox and cleansing system.

Pure Cleanse ANF combines all natural Aloe Vera, Nopal and Flax Oil to work as a potent detoxification protocol. Pure Cleanse ANF goes to work on cleansing the kidneys, liver, blood stream and vital organs. The natural healing benefits of aloe also help to heal and repair the digestive system.

Pure Cleanse ANF is meant to be used for 8 days straight with the Pure Cleanse Capsules which offer support in cleansing the intestines and colon.

Once Pure Cleanse ANF has been used for 8 days straight the majority of the detoxification has been completed. The Pure Cleanse capsules are then continued for approximately 22 more days.

This completes the entire detoxifcation and cleansing protocol. Because Pure Cleanse ANF is so natural and gentle in its ability to detox the body some users find it beneficial to use year round. It’s an incredible product for healing and should be used a minimum of once every 3/4 months.

Suggested Use: 2 Capfuls in the morning and 2 Capfuls at night before bed.


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