Pureline Funnel Master

Supplement Funnel with Pill Compartment


Product description

The funnel master is your solution to getting powders into your water bottle fast quickly and easy.

Avoid the mess and hassle of trying to put your pre-workout or BCAA powder into a water bottle with the funnel master by Pureline Nutriiton. Simply slip the nozzle end into a water bottle and pour in your favorite powder. Or, keep your powders safely tucked away until you’re ready to use them.

The funnel master also has a slick pill compartment on top which holds all your daily supplement needs.

This is God Send for those of you who need a simple and easy way to transport and keep track of your daily supplement intake.

You’ll never miss a single dose again! Messy powder situations will be a thing of the past!

Order the funnel master today.

How to Use

Simply store your pre-workout, thermos, digestive enzymes and other capsules in your ready to go funnel master and take out and use when needed.


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