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-Razor Sharp Cuts
– Detailed Definition and Leanness
– Improved Fat Mobilization
– Dry Lean Muscle and Zero Water Bloat

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The Razor Sharp Stack does exactly what it says it does.. Get you razor sharp! Epishred is the
foundation of the stack and it’s core ingredient, 19 Nor Andro converts to the “Holy Grail” of
Anabolic Substances.. Nandrolone.. AKA – Deca. For years Deca was the foundation of cycles
designed to help users put on substantial lean and hard muscle without fat and water.

Before there was anything else there was Deca the true “Father of All Anabolics!” The
beauty of this compound is in its ability to help radically increase the synthesis of protein, fats
and carbohydrates. What this simply means is that more of the nutrients you’re eating will be
shuttled to lean muscle and very little if any will be stored as body-fat. Now if you’re trying to
lean out and your following a clean diet and doing cardio this welcome ProHormone will get your
body shredded down fast!

EpiShred is a true Anabolic and some evidence shows that it is almost 2.5 x more
Anabolic than Testosterone. The beauty of this is that it produces the same types of mass,
size and lean muscle gains as would Testosterone but with 50% less side effects. This equals
to clean gains in size, strength and density.

Recovery will be vastly superior when using Epishred and lean muscle accrual will happen at a
much faster rate because of the compounds in Epishred. This is a solid lean gaining cycle that
will produce lean muscle fat loss and razor sharp detail when combined with the right diet and
training protocol.

We have also added a PCT, T Drive and Testoplex to this cycle so that you are immediately
ready to start your post cycle therapy program once you’ve completed your 4, 8 or 12 week
cycle of Epishred. Once you’ve completed your cycle of Epishred The PCT program can be

The purpose of the PCT program is to get your Natural Testosterone Levels back to their
normal natural capabilities.. sometimes they are suppressed when taking outside sources of
testosterone.. using a PCT protocol immediately post-cycle will ensure that you hold on to your
lean muscle gains and put yourself a step ahead when preparing for your next cycle.
This cycle is a tried and true basic and will get you lean, hard and muscular in no time at

Suggested Use:
EpiShred – Take 1 tablet 2x per day with meals.
PCT – Take 2 capsules daily with breakfast.
T Drive – Take 2 capsules 2 x per day with meals.
Testoplex – Take 3 capsules 30 min before bed.

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