Regen CBD

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– 97% Absorption.. As opposed to traditional CBD which is only absorbed at 5-7%
– Decreased inflammation, pain and soreness
– Faster recovery from workouts
– Relief from anxiety, depression and stress
– Clarity, Focus and Wellness

Product Info

Have you heard about CBD and wondered.. “Is It For Me?”
Have you asked yourself.. “Will It Help With Pain, Inflammation and Recovery?”
Or.. have you tried CBD products in the past and literally felt nothing!

12 months before releasing “Regen CBD” we did a deep dive into CBD related products
and were Shocked to discover that literally 95% of the CBD on the market was encased in fat soluble
soft-gels which allows for only 5-7% absorption by the body.

What does that mean? It means that if you, your family or friends are using “Typical CBD” found at most stores
then in a 25mg soft gel you’re only getting 1-2mg of active CBD in your blood stream. That’s right, there is a very
high likelihood that the CBD Tincture or Softgel you are using is completely ineffective!

That’s why we chose to use Compound Solutions patented “Next CBD” in our soft-gel formula. Next CBD, or as
we like to call it Regen CBD, uses a trademarked delivery system and nano-technology to create a CBD product
that has over 97% absorption.

This means you can take less and get more! This Full Spectrum Formula comes in 5mg soft-gels that yield an actual
4.8mg of active CBD into the blood stream! The effects of Regen CBD can be felt in minutes and the relief is long lasting.

Most people report:

Relief From Chronic Pain and Inflammation (Injuries and Soreness)
Enhanced Mood (May help alleviate depression and anxiety)
Faster Recovery From Workouts
Improved Digestion and Feelings of Wellness
Clarity, Focus and Increased Produtivity
A State of Calmness, Wellness and Overall Tranquility

This and a host of other benefits have been attributed to CBD and its properties. Regen CBD goes one step further and because
of the patented delivery system offers 0% conversion to THC. This means that if you’re tested for THC you will not show a false positive.
Regen CBD is the only product of its kind that delivers fast and effective results. Order now!

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