The Dry Hard and Dense Size Program


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mark Increased Lean Muscle
mark Hardness, Density and Vascularity
mark Promotes Fat Loss and Lean Tissue Gains
mark Helps Increase Protein Absorption

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A simple but effective combination, Primo-Var and Testojet BDS provide dual pathways for building lean, dense and vascular muscle tissue while helping promote rapid fat loss. Testojet is our unparalleled Pro-Muscle Building Compound which utilizes 1 and 4 Andro to layer on size and muscle thickness. Alone its effectiveness speaks for itself and it has become one of our “Stand-Out” compounds always producing crazy and radical results fast. This cycle has the added compound Primo-Var which will help compliment Testojet and provide faster fat loss and lean muscle accumulation. The principle ingredient in Primo-Var is “Laxogenin,” which has been studied comprehensively by Russian scientists. Laxogenin has proven effective at creating a very lean and athletic look in both males and females. The main effect of Primo-Var is increased protein assimilation. This simply means that more of the protein you are eating will be used for lean muscle growth and recovery.

This is a clean and effective muscle building and fat loss stack with zero water retention that will help you eliminate sticking points in your physique goals and help you reach your true potential.

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