The Insanely Ripped 8 Program

Ultimate Growth Stack


  • The Ultimate Growth Cycle
  • Designed to Build, Shred and Harden
  • Creates Lean, Vascular Muscle
  • Helps Create Dimension and Fullness
  • Wicked Mind Blowing Pumps

Product description

The Insanely Ripped 8 Program was designed using our two trademarked and Legal Compounds, Testojet BDS and EpiShred BDS. Both compounds together create an “Insane” Muscle Building Environment which literally sheds fat off at an unprecedented pace while building lean muscle quickly.

Together these two compounds will “Synergize” and create one of the most effective Base Stacks possible. Users will note that muscle tissue swells quickly and blood and fullness are evident in just 3-4 days “On The Regimen.”

Most men will find that strength is increased at a radical rate and that weights that seemed to be heavy just a week before move with ease. The most noticeable change is in overall bod composition. Lean muscle is rapidly gained and fat loss is accelerated quickly when adding these two pro hormones to any training and dieting protocol.

The physical appearance that accompanies the use of both Testojet and Epishred is quite dramatic. Noticeable changes in hardness and vascularity become apparent rather quickly and a “Full Pumped Look” is pretty much the standard when taking these two products.. even when you’re not working out… This “Perpetual Pump” is a trademark of this stack.

When using Testojet and Epishred calories are assimilated much faster and protein requirements are higher. The greater the protein intake the more rapid the muscle growth. When Stacking these compounds together users should try and eat 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight.

Training recovery will be greatly accelerated during the time you are on this cycle which will allow for you to grow faster and add more lean muscle to your physique. This is truly the one of the most powerful stacks money can be and when used correctly will lead to radical increases in lean muscle and a truly powerful and lean look.

This cycle can be used for 4-12 weeks but No longer than 12 weeks.

How to Use

Take 1 Tablet of Epishred BDS and 1 Tablet of Testojet BDS firs thing in the
morning and again in the late afternoon.

PCT: It is highly recommended to follow a rigorous PCT protocol with T Drive, Testoplex and
PCT and ArimiDx for 4 week post cycle. After this take an additional 4 weeks off everything.


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