The Makeover “Extreme Inferno Edition”

Burn Stubborn Body-Fat


  • Helps Burn Stubborn Body-Fat
  • Targets Adipose in Thigh and Stomach Region
  • Improves Energy and Increases Caloric Burn
  • Fast, Safe and Effective for Long Periods of Time
  • Increases Fat Loss by 65%

Product description

The Makeover “Extreme Inferno Edition” is exactly that… A complete “Make Over” for your body. This complete system addresses every area of fat loss and is designed to help you drop fat, burn calories and look the best you ever have.

We start with XP2G “Inferno,” which helps drastically accelerate metabolism, burn fat and increase energy so your able to power through workouts and burn up to 65% more fat than you would without it. This clean crisp fat loss supplement will help push your weight-loss efforts to the next level.

CLA has also been added to help assist the XP2G “Inferno” by specifically targeting abdominal and thigh fat. CLA has long been touted for its ability to help increase energy expenditure and cause the body to burn more calories while at rest. This results in faster weight-loss and specific “Targeting” which helps strips fat off hard to lose areas… quickly!

XP2G PM has been added for its unique ability to stimulate fat loss during your nighttime sleep hours. By helping improve hormone balance and stimulating those hormones which are responsible for metabolism, XP2G PM plays an important role in overall body re-shaping. XP2G PM also helps improve sleep quality which also contributes to improved fat loss and weight reduction.

Finally, Garcinia Cambogia and Raspberry Ketones have also been added for their ability to help assist in appetite reduction, (especially reducing the cravings for sugars and carbohydrates) and promoting fat cell reduction. Both of these compounds work as overall “Fat Fighting Supporters” in “The Makeover System.”

Together these 5 Super Fat Loss Compounds create a unique environment which is ideal for helping you burn fat and create a leaner sexier body. Welcome to “The Makeover… Extreme Inferno Edition!”


How to Use

XP2G Inferno – 1 Capsule upon waking, 1 Capsule mid-afternoon.

CLA – 2 softgels in the morning, and 2 softgels with your evening meal

XP2G PM – 1 Capsule in the morning, 1 Capsule mid-afternoon.


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