The Muscle Fusion System

grainy, vascular and lean muscle


Product Highlights:
  • Build Lean Muscle
  • Create a Hard Dense Appearance
  • Increase Vascularity and Density
  • Burn Fat Rapidly

Product description

You know those guys that just look they were born jacked?

Yeah you know the ones.. always shredded, always lean and always able to put on muscle fast.

Well guess what, now you’re one of them. The Muscle Fusion system uses a combination of our most effective Lean Muscle Building Compounds to date. The tried and true Testojet/Epishred combination has proven over and over to increase lean muscle size, slash body-fat, and give the body a hard and dense appearance.

You can expect a grainy, vascular and lean look throughout the body after just a few weeks on these 2 compounds!

And to further Enhance the effectiveness of this stack we’ve added our new University Tested muscle building agent PhosphaJet PA. The ingredients in PhosphaJet PA will rapidly increase protein synthesis and give your muscle a hard, full and blood engorged look.

You’ll notice that muscle tightness, hardness and overall body composition changes by the day. This is an extremely fast acting cycle and it will alter your appearance rather quickly. Train hard and get the results you deserve by using the Muscle Fusion System.  Go ahead, build the body and physique you deserve! Turn every head in the gym, or club, with the Muscle Fusion System.

8 Week Cycles are recommended for best results!

How to Use

Testojet – 1 Tablet in the morning, 1 Tablet in the Afternoon
Epishred – 1 Tablet in the morning, 1 Tablet in the Afternoon
Phosphajet – 1 Capsule in the morning, 1 Capsule in the Afternoon
(All may be taken together for a morning and afternoon dose)

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