The Perpetual Pump

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markSkin Splitting Pumps
mark4 Arginine Blend
markHydromax Infused
markDesigned for Muscle Fullness and Hydration

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Once in a long while a compound comes along that revolutionizes the way your body looks and performs. Plasmavol V2 has been that compound for Pureline Nutrition.
With cutting edge ingredients like Hydromax and Beta Vulgaris, it has been a tried and tested performance product. But, before Plasmavol V2 there was  Plasmavol RAW. A unique form of highly soluble Arginine that was used as a stand-alone to illicit skin tearing pumps and ridiculous fullness.. This fullness created what was referred to as the “Perpetual Pump.” The perpetual pump lasts long after the last rep is completed. In fact, it goes on for hours and hours after you’ve left the gym.

For several years we had lost touch with our Plasmavol RAW product, but due to continued requests we have decided to re-introduce Plasmavol RAW to our lineup. Plasmavol RAW can be taken alone or with Plasmavol V2 to create what are probably the most ridiculous skin splitting pumps ever experienced. This combination will cause “Road Map” vascularity and muscle fullness while helping hydrate and fill muscle tissue with blood. This stack can be used alongside your favorite Pre-Workout for absolutely insane workout experience.

As a stand alone, Plasmavol RAW will help drive blood, nutrients and cause substantial hemodilation. Users of Plasmavol RAW will not be disappointed with the immediate results it will have on their physique. But, those who stack the two Plasmavol versions together will absolutely be blown away with the results. Add this stack to your pre-workout today for skin splitting perpetual pumps today.

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