The Wicked Shredded Program


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mark Increases Lean Muscle and Builds an Athletic Look
markHelps Shed Fat and Increase Metabolic Rate
markCreates Defintion, Hardness and Granite Like Dryness
markHelps Create an Aesthetically Pleasing Look, Not Bulky.. Just Lean and Hard
markPromotes Recovery and Healing

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This cycle was designed with one thing in mind, rapid fat loss and deep striated tissue that screams conditioning. EpiShred is our leaning and hardening product which will increase lean muscle at a significant pace and will harden the body while drying it out. The look Epishred causes is quite drastic, people usually notice results within just a few short weeks and most individuals lose several pounds of fat per week without changing to much in the way of training and diet.

Primo-Var has been layered into this stack to create a secondary muscle building and fat loss pathway. The primary ingredient in Primo-Var, Laxogenin will help increase protein absorption.. causing greater muscle growth and recovery as well as inhibit the action of Cortisol. This is important because cortisol can increase estrogen, body-fat and water retention. Lower cortisol results in a harder and leaner look and much faster results.

Together Primo-Var and Epishred create a dual system which has no rival when trying to create a lean, hard and defined physique that screams work ethic. This cycle will produce granite like muscle tissue and wicked vascularity. Maximum cycle length should be 12 weeks with an equal amount of time off. This cycle will not disappoint.

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