•  Increase in serotonin, enhancing the users mood and well being
  •  Elevated energy levels for maximum performance in the gym and throughout the day
  •  Rapid boost in metabolic rate helps promote rapid weight loss
  •  Enhanced with appetite suppressing qualities to fight hunger and cravings



Thermacore is a fat burning, energy-producing and mood lifting product.  The active ingredients include extracted forms of, Denrobium, Green Tea, Citrus Aurantium and Yohimbe.

Together this combination of ingredients provide for a noticeable increase in energy levels as well as an immediate lift in mood!  The mood altering effect is welcomed by those who are on a low calorie diet or are exercising or working intensely.

Thermacore is designed to be used by those who need to take a break from another fat burning product like XP2G.  It can be used between cycles of XP2G but it is NEVER to be combined with another stimulant like XP2G.  It’s either one or the other but not both.

The combination of ingredients in Thermacore are herbal but they’re also very powerful and will provide the user with an effect in less than 30 minutes from the time they take it.

Thermacore works in a similar fashion to XP2G by doing the following things:

• Increasing energy levels

• Accelerating metabolism

• Suppressing Appetite

• Increasing feelings of wellness

Suggested Use: Thermacore, like all fat burners/stimulants, should be started slowly.  We recommend clients only start with 1 capsule in the morning for the first 3 days and then slowly increasing to 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule 4-5 hours later.

*As with all stimulants we recommend not to take this product after 5pm because it will increase difficulty sleeping!