Transport GDA

Convert Carbs Into Energy


  • It Shuttles 50-60% of the Carbohydrates You Consume Into Muscle to be Used as Energy Vs. Being Stored as Fat
  • It Lowers Blood Sugar Levels and Helps You Manage Weight Loss and Fat Storage!
  • It Improves Muscle Recovery After Workouts for Better Performance!
  • It Helps Shuttle Sugar Out of The Blood Stream (A Must For Diabetics!)

Product description

Transport GDA is Pureline’s Complete Glucose Disposal Agent.

What is a GDA (glucose disposal agent)? Essentially a Glucose Disposal Agent is a unique combination of ingredients that when taken either right before or with high carb meals will allow for better carbohydrate utilization by the body. Transport literally helps “Transport” more carbohydrates into hard working muscle tissue to be used as energy during training sessions as opposed to being stored as body fat.

When you consume any type of carbohydrate, it is broken down by your body into Glucose where it can then be stored in one of three areas (muscle tissue, the liver or broken into triglycerides and stored as body-fat.) Transport helps shuttle more of the carbs into muscle and shifts them away from fat storage.

This is extremely beneficial for anyone who may be trying to lean out/lose weight, or increase lean muscle mass. Transport can be used by both men and women and will help “Partition” carbs away from fat cells. Used daily, most individuals will find that it helps them get leaner, even when consuming more carbohydrates than usual.

For those who like to occasionally have a “cheat” meal, Transport will help you utilize those “Extra Carbs” more efficiently and keep body-fat levels low. It’s can also be used by those who may suffer from diabetes and need to keep blood sugar levels low. Transport will help shuttle sugar out of the blood stream and help stabilize levels to a more acceptable and healthy standard. 

Transport is one of the highest dosed GDA formulas available today and can be taken up to 3-4x per day. Transport is completely natural, safe and side effect free.

How to Use

Take 3 Capsules of Transport With any Carbohydrate Dense Meal or Immediately Post-Workout with your Post Workout Shake.


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