Vitamin D3

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– Promotes Hormone Health
– Enhances Immunity and Cognition
– Aids in Mineral Absorption and Bone Health
– Bolsters Energy, Immunity and Health
Dosage for Men and Women: 1 Softgel (5000iu taken daily with food)

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If you’re like most Americans you work under fluorescent-lit office space for 10 hours and quite possibly get very little sunlight. The problem with this is many people are becoming  deficient in Vitamin D and we desperately need it.
Pureline’s Vitamin D, or as it’s commonly known Vitamin D3 packs a whopping 5000iu dose in a single soft-gel serving. Vitamin D3 can help bolster your immunity and ward of colds, flus and certain viruses. Vitamin D3 has also been shown to help aid in fat loss, hearth health and bone health.
In men, Vitamin D3 has shown to help increase Testosterone Levels and have a positive effect on mental health. In women, Vitamin D3 helps regulate hormones, regulate cell growth and helps with the absorption of certain minerals which helps create strong bones.
Adding Vitamin D3 to your supplement regimen is an absolute must for basic health.


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