Tension Tips For Muscular Growth

If you’re one of those guys or girls who is looking for a little bit of an edge in putting on muscle then this Tip is for you.. Long ago I heard that if you wanted to enjoy working out and lifting weights well into your 50’s and 60’s then it was very important to take

care of your joints. I wish I would have listed to that advice lol.. I’ve learned through trial and error and have been the recipient of multiple muscle tears, stains, tendonitis, bursitis and even shoulder surgery.

But! Every injury has taught me how to adjust my training so that I can still stimulate muscle and cause growth without the stress of lifting heavy weights. Here are a few of my favorite tricks to help create tremendous muscle growth while keeping joints healthy.

These methods don’t require that you use heavy weight.. In fact they work best with light to moderate weight.

1. Squeezing The Bar – For all chest movements that are forms of pressing such as incline press, bench press and decline press try pushing your hands together as you press the bar up. Act as if you’re trying to squeeze the bar in while you are lifting the weight. This automatically increase the tension on the muscle and will create a deep penetrating burn with moderate weight.

2. Slow Ascents and Descents – When using machines try lowering the weight to a count of 4 seconds and pressing the weight for a count of 3 seconds.. Go very slow and controlled for the first 5 repetitions and then go to a regular count of 1 second down and 1 second up for the last 5 repetitions. This will fry whichever muscle group you are working!

3. Bicep and Tricep Grip – For all Bicep and Tricep movements focus on squeezing the grip or handle of the barbell, dumbell or cable grip very tightly as you are working the muscle.. The added tension of gripping the weight hard will increase muscle recruitment and cause more trauma and stimulate growth.

4. Non Lock Out Movements – On all your pressing movements for chest, shoulders and legs try to not lock out at the joint. Push the weight up just shy of locking out and then let back down in a controlled manner. This will keep constant tension on the muscle and again create added stimulation and of course growth. Remember for best workouts always use EnJect pre workout and a good peri and post

workout formula as well.. All available at www.thepureline.com or www.enjectpreworkout.com

Angles of Force Training

All of us are looking for those secret keys to unlock more muscle growth and stimulate a response from those slow to respond muscle groups. In the old days we were told that the only way to make a muscle grow or get bigger was through adding more weight!

Although this is true, “Progressive Overload” will cause muscle to grow, it’s not the only way to make muscle grow.

In fact as you get older you realize that sometimes continually increasing weight will have limitations from joint, ligaments and tendons. If the only option to increasing muscle size and strength was increasing the amount of weight you lifted then you would

ultimately end up with an injury. That’s where training techniques such as “Angles of Force” come into play.

Angles of Force are ways that you can increase the tension of a particular muscle by increasing the force that the muscle has to resist without adding weight. Let me give you an example for a few different muscle groups.

1. Chest – During any pressing movement focus on pushing your hands together on the bar throughout the entire range of motion of your repetitions. You will have to use less weight and slow down the reps but the contraction and tension you get from this is unreal!

2. Legs – When Leg Pressing or Squatting focus on pushing the feet out against the platform or floor. Go slowly and lighten your weight on this as well as you wont need as much weight to increase the tension and load.

3. Arms – When doing Bicep Curls follow the same idea you would on a chest movement except instead of pushing the hands together instead focus on pushing them out through the entire range of motion of the rep. This will increase tension dramatically and as a result stimulate growth.

4. Shoulders – On all pressing moments focus on pushing your hands outwards on the bar while pressing.. This will engage the muscle in a different fashion and again increase tension on the muscle.

These are just a few ways you can use “Angles of Force” to increase tension on a muscle group without having to add more weight and sacrifice your joints, ligaments and tendons. This is great to utilize after you have been going heavy for several weeks and need a little time off from heavy lifting but still want to keep growing. Enjoy and don’t forget to take 5ml’s of EnJect before your workout for best results.