Lesson 1 – Holding on to your hard earned muscle post-cycle.

The 2 Keys to Continued Growth and Size

Did you know that retaining size, mass and conditioning after your PH or SARM cycle is largely dependent upon what precise actions you take “Post Cycle!”

Do you experience any of these feelings after your cycles?

– Sudden Drop in Strength and Motivation Post Cycle
– Lethargy
– Low Libido
– Inability to Focus
– Complete Lack of Desire to Train

These are pretty common “Side Effects” that most guys will experience after coming off a ProHormone or SARM cycle.. In fact, most guys just “Deal With It” because they don’t know any better..

But there is a better way. A way in which you can not only hold onto 70% of your gains post cycle, but also detoxify and “Re-Sensitize” your body for future cycles..

For the sake of time I’m going to break this up into 2 lessons..

Lesson 1 – Holding on to your hard earned muscle post-cycle.

When using a pro-hormone, SARM or combination of both, you will be increasing testosterone and other hormones to levels far beyond what your body naturally produces. Because of this, your body will limit, and in some cases completely suppress, the natural amount of testosterone produced.

This creates a very unique situation post-cycle because your body’s endocrine system simply doesn’t have time to “catch up” and “re-boot”. I won’t get into the specifics of how this mechanism works but for the sake of simplicity lets just say that hormones communicating with the brain and the testes, which send the message to produce testosterone, will be completely off line after a cycle.

This means that the sooner you can get these mechanisms functioning again, the better! It’s very hard to maintain little if any muscle tissue, strength and
conditioning when your body is trying to transition out of the “Supplemented State” and back to the natural state.. Unless you know how to do it..

Here is the protocol I’ve found most effective for guys trying to hold on to most, if
not all their size, post-cycle.

1. PRE-PCT” PROTOCOL – PCT is what is referred to as “Post Cycle Therapy.” It is that time between cycles when one is supplementing with compounds that will help the body support natural testosterone and other vital hormones needed for muscle, health and wellness. However, sometimes PCT takes a while to become effective.. During that time hard earned muscle can be catabolized (burned) and your hard earned gains can completely be washed out. I recommend always initiating a “PRE PCT Protocol.” The Pre- PCT protocol is started 7-10 days before you plan to come off cycle so that your body has sufficient time to “catch” the testosterone drop before it
happens. The compound that’s most effective for this is: ArmiDx or Androsta 3 5 diene 7 17 dione. Starting this approximately 10 days before your cycle
ends will do wonders to help eliminate estrogen related issues that may occur post cycle as well as help start to increase natural testosterone levels.

ArimiDx is extremely effective at helping restore testosterone levels and as such can even be used alone as an effective Testosterone Boosting Compound.

2. PCT PROTOCOL – Once the PRE PCT protocol has been initiated and is in full force I recommend that my clients come off the Pro Hormones, SARMS or other Anabolic related compounds and move into the Base PCT Protocol.. Now, this is where it’s best to use a host of compounds to radically drive natural testosterone levels through the roof. First and foremost, continue to use the ArimiDx throughout the PCT Protocol.. It’s insurance.. and it helps keep estrogen levels in check.. As Testosterone decreases estrogen levels increase. ArimiDx binds to and eliminates estrogen build-up making it extremely effective for maintaining a lean and muscular physique. At this point we also add in what I refer to as the TriFecta of PCT programming. They are: PCT, TDrive and Testoplex. Each of these compounds works in a
different way.. I’m not going to go into the specifics of each ingredient, but you’re welcome to reference all the various ingredients at www.thepureline.com, and then google them for an overview! PCT, TDrive and Testoplex all have differing ingredients that work in completely different ways.



For the most part they all work to increase natural testosterone levels..some do this through amino acids, others through herbs.. However, they all work, and they work so effectively that I’ve had many “Natural Athletes” only use PCT, TDrive and Testoplex as a non-hormonal cycle and still see absolutely amazing results. These 3 products need to be used simultaneously if you are serious about maintaining the results from your cycle.. I’d recommend using them for up to 8 weeks if possible but at least for a minimum of 4 weeks! If used correctly and in the recommended dosages you’ll be extremely pleased with the results.. In fact most of my clients will pack on anywhere from 12-17lbs on a cycle and then retain at least 75% of that by following the above steps. Do that 2 x per year and you could put on anywhere from 20-30lbs of lean muscle each year!!!!

3. PCT INTRA -ANABOLIC PROTOCOL – Now the word Anabolic has several meanings.. Most of us think of the word Anabolic as immediately having to do with Steroids, Substances Etc.. But in actuality the word Anabolic means “Constructive” to grow and develop. So.. this means there are compounds that are Anabolic in nature that will help you develop and grow muscle and which are completely natural.. These compounds make up what I refer to as the “Intra-Anabolic Protocol.” This protocol can be used to help you grow during the times that you are off any traditional ProHormone, SARM or Anabolic Chemicals. This strategy works extremely well and can help you hold onto a significant amount of muscle tissue during your time off. In fact, I’ve seen this protocol act so effectively that it can actually help you grow
during the Post Cycle Time Period. Here is a list of what should be used for a minimum of 4, and as long as 8 weeks, while going through your PCT.

a) Creatine Monohydrate – 5 grams pre, intra and post workout – Total 15/grams per day.

b) Glutagen X – (Combination of Magnesium Glycyl Glutamine, Sustamine and LGlutamine) Use 8 grams pre, intra and post workout.

c) Epicatechin – 150mg 2x per day.. Found in my Myodrol product.

d) BCAA – 4-5gr 3x per day… Morning, Mid-Day and Before Bed. And there you have it, a 3 part protocol that will absolutely ensure that every area
of your therapy is covered post cycle. If you follow this to the “T” you will have very little, if any muscle loss, and your natural testosterone levels will be restored


HINT: If you’re natural and not using any type of hormone therapy then this could be used as a completely natural growth cycle and you’ll be very impressed with the results!


Now this is only part 1 of a complete PCT and Detoxification Program.. Stay tuned for part 2 coming in about 3-4 days where I completely outline how to detoxify your Liver, Kidney’s, and Blood Stream and ensure your body is functioning at peak health!